Mixing it up at the shop, this week!

Hello darling!,

How’s life treating you?  Well, I hope!

Beyond running errands and going to the dentist, the true highlight of my week, has been getting a few new things in, restocking favorites (like Camp Craft Cocktails, satin pillow cases and puzzles) and restyling our displays!

Creating new displays is one of my absolute favorite things to do! And my stylist buddy, Jennifer, has encouraged me to take more advantage of our windows, to let passerby’s to get a better idea about who we are.

I spent most of Monday, pushing things around the shop, to create a new look. Thankfully, Tregae was in and helped me muscle a couple of heavy pieces around!

While the display isn’t finished, I love this full-length jean skirt!  It’s pretty darn cute with this new denim shirt, from Kut.  The great thing is that it can be worn year round!  I’m thinking pairing it with a cardigan sweater and boots, during chilly weather, or sandles and a light weight peasant blouse in the summer.  Lots of options! We got the skirt in sizes 2-14 and brought in a knee length version as well!

I gave our little baby area a fresh look.  So cute!

Need a sprig or two of lavender?  You got it!  Having carried dried lavender at the shop, I find that it remains fragrant for about 7 minutes, once out of the box!  This is a much better alternative.  Just fire up the essential oil diffuser with some lavender oil and you’re good!

Our front workshop table is covered with gnomes and greenery.  Plus lots more!  All at 50% Off!  Please do your part and buy a gnome!

  • I went to the hair stylist today and Carrie gave my 11 strands of hair a new look!  No big change, but a nice little tweak!

          Well, I think that’s all for now.  My eyes need to close, so I had better say
goodnight.  Hoping for a really fun dream! 😷



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  1. Nanette Lamoure says

    Good morning you foxy “thang” 😉. Your hair looks smashing and the picture of you carrying your lavender is amazing 🤗. I love your uplifting messages that make me smile in these dark days!! Keep up the good work and I wish you happiness and continued fabulous SUCCESS with your Treasured Home in 2021.

    Cheers and keep “washing your hands and saying your prayers” 😇,

  2. Susanne Kish says

    Love the new hair style Barbara!! Guess that’s your window too! : ) Great New Year look as well. The shop is looking beautiful… as always – you transition well into each season. I’m looking forward to visiting soon.

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