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Hello sweetheart!,

How are you holding up, with all this virus stuff?  I hope you aren’t losing sleep over all the non-stop news!  From the number of customers at the shop today, it may be time for all of us to get our affairs in order!   

I sure hope not, because I’ve got a shop packed with new spring clothes and more coming in the days ahead! 🙋🏼 Yep, it’s true.  We’ve never had so many clothes.  Just had to order more hangers and racks!

Cut Loose cotton knit shirt, with 3/4 sleeve, comes in grey and white and is great by itself, or as an overshirt.  We have their wonderfully soft, pre-shrunk cotton knit tops in lots of colors!

(You may recall, we paint all of our wooden hangers and put pretty Iron Orchid Designs  molds on each of them.  The first four or five hangers are kind of fun to sand, paint and mold.  We only have 46 more to go.  It’s right up there with painting paint sticks. )

Any-who, right now, Mr. Wonderful and I are on a plane, heading  to Oklahoma.  Our daughter, Betsy, is stationed there and deploys for South Korea, a week from today.  She’ll be there (unless they change plans) for nine months, and we wanted to see her smiling face, up close and personal!

The plane is less than half full.  Parking was a cinch!  So far, things are going well!

We’ve brought in a new line of Fair Trade jewelry, made in India.  It’s colorful, fun and affordable!  They start with wooden beads made from wood scraps left over from furniture makers.  I love how nothing goes to waste!

You may have heard, we just brought in Brighton, too!  Really pretty pieces!  Lisa, is our Brighton rep.  Super helpful and knowledgeable!  She’ll be hosting  Brighton Trunk Show, at our Spring Party, on Saturday, March 21st, from noon until 3!

I had a blast using Iron Orchid Design’s rose mold, with Fusion Mineral Paint in the color ‘Raw Silk’.  So fun!  Should I make this a class for summer?

I’m flying over beautiful snow capped mountains right now.  Not a freeway in sight.  Just beautiful!

Well, that’s about it for now, friend!  I’m going to try something new this coming week, when I’m back at the shop. If you aren’t comfortable being out and about, I’ll bring the Shop to you, in Facebook Live videos.    I’m planning to show you new things and give you the option to buy through PayPal.  I’ll mail pieces to you, for $5.00 postage, per item.  We’ll see if it flys.  Wish me luck!

Until next time, take care!


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  1. Janet Heath says

    You must go to Seoul while your daughter is stationed there, but go during their thanksgiving holiday when the subway is almost deserted. I think that is in September. Otherwise the crowds in that city will be mind blowing.

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