Design Tips & News from the Shop! March 19, 2020

Hello Friends!

I don’t know about you, but the last week has been an all out roller coaster ride!  Not the kind of ride that makes you laugh and giggle, but the scary kind.

But since that’s no fun to talk about, let’s talk about making things pretty.  Let’s talk about something we have control over!

During times of uncertainty, I do at least two things.

  1.  I trust that God will be with us, as we navigate the unknown.

     2.    I rely on distraction. Makes me think I’m in control!      

     3.    Watching Longmire on Netflix makes forget about everything!

So, back to #2, when you may/should be spending more time at home, why not take just one room and try something new?!

Fusion Mineral Paint provides  beautiful pictures. Like the one above. 🙂  What a beautiful color combination!  Besides beautiful shades of deep blue and grey, I see wonderful texture, which always helps create a beautiful home!

Before I opened the shop, I staged homes, for a living.   Besides being back-breaking, it was a lot of fun giving a home a fresh, put-together look.

If you haven’t nodded of, due to boredom, or hit the little “x” in the top right corner, here are some pretty easy rules to follow, if you want to give new life to an old space.

  1.  Select up to three complimentary neutral colors for your foundation.  In the picture above, I’m guessing they are pairing Fusion’s Ash with Homestead Blue.  They’re also showing a creamy white, (for walls?) that pairs beautifully with the nubby rug. Notice the beautiful textures!
  2. Take everything out of the room, except the major pieces, like the bed, dresser and nightstands.  Stand back and get a fresh perspective.
  3. Does anything bug you?  Did you inherit your parents’ bedroom furniture, that’s dated?  Nope, you’re not the first!  If you aren’t loving the look, you’ll be amazed at what a difference paint  can make!
  4. Fabric.  Color trends change pretty dramatically, at least every ten years or so.  When we moved into our home twenty years ago, I put a dark “Italian villa/old world”  spread on our bed, which was the popular look at the time.    Now, I have a white linen duvet cover on our bed, a beige French antique sheet that acts as a coverlet and European  (26×26″pillows) covered with both white and cream (2-deep) linen shams, perfect for covering the bed pillows. (I also love the Euro shams, because they add height, which is so important when making a bed).  Bottom line is that the room is much lighter/brighter and elegant.  I don’t worry about the wrinkles. (We have so much in common!)
  5. Another rule of thumb that I learned from another designer, was to use smaller scale furniture with larger scale accessories.  A few larger scale accessories are much more powerful than lots of small pieces.  Likewise, if you can barely get the sofa through the door, maybe it’s too big for the room.
  6. Be prepared to let pieces of your past go.  I’m not talking about important family mementos, but things that you’ve slowly acquired from Home Goods and craft fairs and even well-meaning kids, over the years.  (Of course we aren’t speaking of anything from The Treasured Home!!
  7. Now, stand back and take a look!  Add a new pillow or two, maybe an updated lamp and you have a whole new space.  Enjoy!

I didn’t start off this evening, planning to write a home decor post.  I wanted to let you know that the shop is closed to normal foot traffic, until the virus is under control.  We are selling Fusion Mineral Paint and Iron Orchid Designs online, at and over the phone, (916/514-5272) for car pick-up.  

We were planning to host a Spring Party this weekend, but we’ll be pushing that back a bit.  Now, the new Celebration will just have to be bigger!

I’ll continue to share photos and video of all the new spring arrivals and updates to the shop.  Wait til you see our little baby area!

I can’t imagine the impact this virus is going to have on our world, or our businesses…but most importantly, we need to get things under control to keep our families and communities safe!

If you’re wondering what to do this weekend, go to Amazon and order this game.   Left Center Right. It’s a blast! You start with three dollars, per player.  I played it with Betsy, her friends, and Mr. Wonderful, last weekend.  I was the big winner!  $18 which I put in the brewery’s tip jar!  Life is good!

Keep the faith!  It’s going to get better!  I’ve got a shop full of new arrivals, you’re going to love! Follow along on


                                            Elbow bumps, Barbara

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  1. Janet Laraine Heath on March 19, 2020 at 12:50 pm

    Thanks for your cheerful, up-beat newsletter. The FMP and IOD people has been working overtime to help everyone through this challenging time. It certainly helps to have you in our lives!
    Janet Heath

  2. Debbie Mugler on March 22, 2020 at 12:54 pm

    I’m redoing my lanes cedar chestI got back in 1970. I’m wanting the English Rose, Gray Wax and a clear wax, also the gray stain. I will need a a roller, Medium paint brush And a very fine Brush. I can’t find these what i’m looking for so if you can help me please let me know.
    Thank You
    Debbie Mugler

  3. Diana Hawkins on April 4, 2020 at 6:35 pm

    You have created a wonderful, beautiful newsletter. Very lovely pictures. Look forward to coming into the shop in person when you are open again. Thanks for sharing inspiration and beauty with us during these tough times…

    • Barbara Bussey on April 7, 2020 at 10:13 am

      Hi Diana,
      Sorry for my slow response! I really appreciate your kind words! No one could have predicted a time like this. Certainly, this is one for the history books! Take care and I’m looking forward to having you back in the shop! Stay well, Barbara

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New arrivals, classes, and creative inspiration
is headed your way!

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