Updating an Old Chalk Board with I.O.D. Transfers

Hello Princess!,

I hope your week is off to a great start!

I was delighted to learn that my nephew and his wife, welcomed their first born, while I slept, last night!  A healthy baby girl!  Great news!

After running errands this morning, I stopped by the shop.  After unpacking a few small deliveries, I ventured into some creative play time, which is always fun!

But of course, it’s never quite that simple.  For me, entering the shop is    like falling head over heals, down the rabbit hole!   One thing always leads to another.

After my normal course of getting side-tracked, 121 times, I worked on a class project, coming up in April.  Planning an Embellished Cross workshop for April, my original plan was to use paint and image transfers.

Then I got the brilliant idea to cover the cross in rose molds, using the. I.O..D. Rose mold and paper clay.

After gluing the paper clay molds onto the cross, I painted it with Fusion Mineral Paint (Putty).  Somehow, I forgot that paper clay shrinks!  I still love it and will continue to use it, but as a class project, it just doesn’t work, in this case.  I don’t want people to take their crosses home, to find shrinkage and unpainted areas, when everything dries the next day.  Make sense? (You can see where the mold isn’t up to the edge in this photo). So, it’s back to my original plan, using image transfers for this class.  Still a great option!

In this workshop, we’ll sand, stain, whitewash and apply the transfer, using the Redoute transfer.  Just in time for Easter!  (Yes, we’re closed on Easter.)

Why work on one project at a time, when you can work on two? 😃

I had an old small chalk board, with a pretty vintage frame, that I no longer needed.  So I painted over the chalkboard and dry brushed the frame, with Fusion’s Raw Silk. You probably have an old chalk board, you’re no longer using?

First, with help from the transfer’s wonderful grid lines, I placed the roses.

In case you ever have left over scraps, when using our transfers, never throw them away!

You’ll always find a good use for them!  Just be sure to store the scraps with the white backing paper!  We roll ours all up and put them back in the IOD cylinder for safe keeping.

So…once the flowers were burnished on, it was time for the scripted image.  Yes, you can layer transfers.

So much fun!

Well, darling, that’s it for now!  We’ll talk later about all the clothes and home decor arriving this month!  Epic!  Well, almost! 🙄

Sending good thoughts your way!


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