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After a relaxing morning at home, I headed to the shop. I made a stop along the way, at a friend, who’s been leasing antique shop space, but doesn’t have the time to commit to the project. So, she’s liquidating her treasures, and I scored a few beauties! It will take a little while for the big boys to arrive, but I’m looking forward to their arrivals! One of the most unusual, is a rack on wheels, used in a meat packing plant. It comes complete with hooks and will be perfect with a nice slab of marble on top. (Project #384)

I love these door baskets. I added a few dried hydrangeas and love the simple beauty.

I am a pitcher lover! This little ironstone milk pitcher and transfer wear pitcher would be a great addition to anyone who has similar addictions!

A young ‘struggling artist’ came into the shop and asked if I would show her art. She specializes in religious art and I’m sure she would take on any project you have in mind. Buy. Her. Art.

I challenge you to identify the old ironstone, from the new. I absolutely love the beautiful simplicity of old ironstone. In California, it’s like finding gold, in them there hills! So, now you can find new “imitation” ironstone here as well. It’s clearly marked, to avoid confusion! If you have any old ironstone you want to get rid of, I’m your first stop!



Grey is the new black!


Look at what a difference dark wax makes on gold leaf! These pieces will go onto a bench that is currently being recovered by Nancy! I hope it’s everything I expect it to be!

These serving ‘bowls’ are locally hand made, of wine staves. They’re polished with food safe waxes, and just waiting for a party at your house!

I know you need some fruit crates, from the 50;s – 60’s and before! They are stacked to the rafters here, for $26 each!

This barley twist table has a long lost twin, joining her soon!

This milk painted antique dresser and the piano desk have happily found new, loving homes!

Aren’t these boxes cute? I was supposed to hang at least one of the 48′ long strings, here at the shop, but so far, it hasn’t happened.

This little primitive stool is heading off to Mr. Wonderful’s work shop, for some re-constructive surgery. It’s so darling! I couldn’t make out the writing underneath, but take my word for it, he’s cute!

Well, hopefully this will inspire you to take a coast to coast flight to the shop real soon! Thanks for taking a look. My house, is your house!

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