Life as a Furniture Painter

Hello dearest!,

I hope the sun is shining on you, this Monday morning!

What’s new? So sweet of you to ask! Right about now, I wish I lived in Oregon, where there is no sales tax! I need to get my SalesTax filed and paid by the end of the month. You may remember that I dropped out of accounting 1-A, twice in college. Ledgers and the like are not my strong suit!

On to more fun subjects, like furniture painting!

Did you see this little table that I painted? I should probably say re-painted!
Before…dull and boring.

Today, I found this little footstool, with great lines, but the finish spoke of “little old ladies”. (No offense to little old ladies!) So, I painted it…needlepoint and all!



Yes, I know how much work went into that piece of needlepoint. What can I say?

While I was at the shop today, I decided to repaint the hardware on a piece I recently painted. I think it looks much more “current”. What do you think?


Both painting classes were full yesterday. My youngest student to date, is Rachel, 11 years old. She’s a real doll!

Normally I wouldn’t have children in the class, but she was so poised and mature, that I knew it would not be an issue. She even wrapped her paint brush handle in decorative tape and glued on a button to the handle, prior to arriving for class. Now that’s creativity!

Next month’s classes should be posted here, within the next 24 hours.

I hope your day is filled with blessings!

(Nothing like a mis-placed photo. This was supposed to be up a bit, showing the unpainted hardware. So this is the “before” after the “after”!)


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  1. Life as a Furniture Painter, Shopkeeper and Accountant!! I always round up my checkbook….guess I’d make a lousy accountant! Now you can relax in sunny Florida! Get a tan! 😉

  2. Love the striped table Barbara! Just tape and paint?

  3. Lisa Vassios says

    Very brave to paint needlepoint…yes some “dear” is turning in her grave, but I do LIKE! Another creative endeavor Barbara! 🙂

  4. What a cutie!!…and love that paint brush…so glad you are having so much fun with your classes….and speaking of sales tax…heard CA is raising their State Income taxes too…oh my…Your painting projects are turning out wonderful!!

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