Ivan, the Restored Ice Box, Has Arrived!

Let me make the introductions! Meet Ivan. The Manly-Man…errr, The Ice Box. Age: Unknown. Probably born somewhere between the mid 1800’s, and 1930, when electric units, put the likes of Ivan, out of circulation. The women cried!

Ivan, most likely, lived in on the right side of the tracks, where fine ice boxes were made of oak, with the best brass hardware. He was known to give regular guys, the cold shoulder. But, have no fear…he could keep his cool.

Ivan’s what we would call a “Renaissance Man”. He has learned to adjust to the times and take change in stride. He has become more sensitive and caring over the years. Now, he’ll make a perfect bar, for the discriminating
martini maker. He’s not picky. Pick your poison!

Don’t be disappointed, but he has a girlfriend. Jill’s her name and over the last few months, they’ve spent many hours together. Jill lost count after the first hundred (hours). It was a labor of love (kissy sounds) and her time and care have certainly paid off.

Tempered glass shelves are illuminated, to display your fine bottles of mind-altering libations, along with your crystal hi-ball glasses. Nothing but the finest, for Ivan you!

Come see the burly man, for yourself, at Girl’s Night Out!
Tomorrow, Wednesday, from 4:00 until 6:30. Wine, nibbles, and a preview of our Fall Sale! Savings good through Saturday, September 13th! Plus, raffle prizes for free paint and Furniture Painting Classes! I hope to see you soon!


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  1. After a description like that….who wouldn’t want to meet Ivan! He’s…dare I say…gorgeous! 😉

  2. I think we all need a man like Ivan in our lives….

  3. Wow…now that’s a real man cave piece if I ever saw one….turned out gorgeous!!!…Have fun!

  4. Hi!
    Ivan sure is a sexy mutha ……!!!! Haha
    You are to funny!
    Love this piece! Was it stained in java jel? And was this one coat or 2. I just stained a table with java and it is a lot darker than that, although it was bare wood. I applied 2 coats.
    Just wondering what your fab process was so I can mimic Ivan new persona!

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