Introducing Maison Blanche Furniture Paint!

Hello Dear Friends!

What an exciting week! Yesterday, my first shipment of Maison Blanche Furniture Paint Arrived at The Treasured Home!

For nearly six months, I’ve been getting to know the good folks at Mason Blanche, based in Dallas, Texas. Just like the competition, this furniture paint is produced in the United Kingdom. It gets shipped to the U.S. in large containers and is repackaged into quart cans, here in the states. According to some, that technically makes Mason Blanche a U.S. paint manufacturer, but Annie Omar, the owner, thinks she should just call it as it is.

While Annie Sloan did a fabulous job of showing America how easy it is to paint furniture, it was just a matter of time, before others would join the ranks. I’ve even heard that Benjamin More has developed their own line of furniture paint!

Even though Rachel Ashwell, of Shabby Chic fame started showing painted furniture twenty years ago, I wonder what we’ll be doing with our furniture, in another twenty years!?

One of the selling features of Mason Blanche for me, is the color pallet. It is just beautiful! While color preferences are certainly subjective, I think this is a winning combination. Here’s the color chart, minus a few new colors that have been added recently…

Another big plus, for me, is that I don’t need to apply a clear wax, before applying a dark wax! One less step! Yippee!
And then there are some really unique new products in the line, that promise to make furniture look as though Uncle Ben (Franklin) passed down the family heirlooms! I also think that the Maison Blanche line will really compliment the Miss Mustard Seed line of milk paint, beautifully! In fact, just today, I completed a desk, painted in both Maison Blanche and Miss Mustard Seed!

What do you think? Pretty nice, eh? And speaking of nice, you’ll never meet nicer people than Annie Omar and her team. There’s a sign in our kitchen, “Because nice matters”. I think it does!

Before I let you go, I have to share pictures of my new favorite FedEx driver, Greg! He has a smile a mile wide!


I know, you’re probably jealous! Wait til you see Greg flex his muscles!

See what I’m talking about?


This picture was taken yesterday. I’ve made a few adjustments to the display, but its certainly got center stage, in the shop! It’s facing the Miss Mustard Seed line. They’ll keep each other in line, when I’m not there! Ya think?

Special mention must be made of Mr. Wonderful, who broke down the pallet and wheeled all of the boxes inside for me! Gotta love that man!

If you live further east, Roost Vintage Living, at 306 Riley Street, off of Sutter, in Old Town Folsom, is also stocking Maison Blanche! You can reach owners Lisa and Betsy, at 916/985-0100!
Don’t forget, furniture painting is cheap therapy!

Blessings to you and yours,


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  1. Nice legs. On the desk that is. Haha. The desk turned out beautifully. You are the SUPER SPOT TERMINATOR.

  2. We have got so many pieces that need to be painted for the beach house and I am so excited to hear about this line with one less step. Can’t wait to try!!

  3. Hmmm I’m intrigued by this new paint line…is it similar to chalk paint or milk paint?

  4. O I am a little green with you know.. OK now I am better got that over with.Would love to have both paints to sell and play with…
    Have a great week,Your Desk looks lovly. I just finished a Coffee Table turned to a Ottamon.

  5. I have not used Annie’s paint yet…I hear that it is wonderful and her colors just as wonderful!…congrats!

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