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Happy Spring!

Don’t you just love this time of year?!  Everything is waking up after a long sleep.  Nature is the great optimist.  It just keeps returning, getting bigger and prettier each year.  I think someone slipped this climbing rose some secret sauce, because I can’t remember it going this crazy before with new flowers.  What a treat!

Flying the friendly skies…

Now that I’m fully vaccinated, I feel sort of extra bulletproof!  So, I’m catching up with friends and family.  A couple of weeks ago, I caught up with my soul sisters in Texas and last week, I finally got to hug my first born and his sweet fiancé, once again.  It had been over a year and was long over due!

They finally tie the knot, after a couple of Covid false alarms, on May first.  Of course we’ll be back with them again then.  But I was looking forward to spending time with them before the wedding craziness kicked in.  Just us.  It was wonderful!  I also got to know Nina’s mom and close friends and family a bit better at a luncheon, Jeneanne hosted in her home.

What a nice event!  Jeneanne made it look easy, but I know it wasn’t!

There must be some serious wedding fever going on, because Betsy proposed to her sweetheart, over Easter!  I’m so happy they’re happy!

That’s another trip I need to plan for!  Landi likes to paint furniture, so we’re going to have a furniture painting extravaganza, when I visit!

A Fun App I Just found…

If you like playing around with app’s on your phone, I found a neat one, called QuickArt.  Check it out!

Cowhides, anyone?

Compared to any other kind of rug we’ve had on the floors at the shop, cow hides have worn better than any other.  I love how they warm up a space.

Guess what!?  (No, I didn’t trip!) We got in more cow hides!  I thought I’d model with one of the new arrivals this afternoon.  I never pass up a chance to be a goof! Anyway, if you love cowhides too, check these out!

Brush it up!

Susanne Kish has taught classes at the shop, pre-Covid and we’re happy she’s back, to teach two new pre-sketched painting classes, on wooden art boards.

They’ll be taught in the evenings and you’re welcome to bring an adult beverage, snacks and a friend.

Two different classes.  Take one or both!  Sign up Here!

Design Books & Hats on Sale!

Design books will still be 40% Off this week!

And felt Fedora style hats are still $10 Off or just $17!

Well, sweets, that’s all for now.  I’m heading to bed to get some much needed beauty sleep.  Sunday, I head to the Home and Gift Show, in Las Vegas, to find us some new goodies!  I’m planning to post my adventure on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to follow along.

Until we meet again, be sure to wash your hands and say your prayers.




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