Happy April Sale! Spring is here!

Hello sweet friend,

Happy April!  It feels like if I stopped running, May, June and July would slam right into me!

April first, thirty-two years ago, I had a sneaking suspicion that I was with child. So, pregnancy test in hand (yes, they had those things back then!), I found out I was correct!  I then reported to the baby-daddy, my ex, that I wasn’t pregnant.  Then I screamed, “April fools!”.

Since then, I’ve stumbled my was through motherhood, unprepared for how hard it could be.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything though.  The days my two babies were born will forever remain at the top of my best days ever list!

Since you last stopped by…

We got a nice little Cut-Loose delivery!

But wait, there’s more!

Got a couple of fun styles of inexpensive totes,

And these sweet clutches! They sort of shout spring!

Easter is Half Off!

Felt Hats are On Sale…$10 Off!

Fast drying Turkish towels are back!

For the beach, bath, table top or wrap on a chilly night…

More silk flowers!

Great prices too!

BOOK Sale!  Design Books, 40% Off! How did this happen?!  We have design books coming out of our ears!  (Now that’s a visual!)  It’s time to head ‘em up and move ‘em out! 40% OFF!

Decoupage papers are here!

Spring and Summer Classes are Online!

Check out the calendar, Here!

Fusion Mineral Paint in 2 Liter Bottles!

Have a BIG paint project coming up?  Fusion Mineral Paint is now offering their most popular colors in 2 Liter bottles!

After extensive research, I determined that 2 liters is equal to 4.22 pints. 

Regular price: 4.22 pints x $21.99 = $92.35

Or buy one 2 liter bottle for $75.99, a $16.36 savings!*

* While 4.22 pints of paint will thoroughly paint most kitchens, you will have to plan in advance, since this is a special order purchase, all the way from Fusion in Canada! Probably a 3-6 week lead time, depending on our ordering cycle.


Well kids, that’s all for now.  I’m off again tomorrow morning, to see my son, in Virginia.  The plane will be taking off as the sun is rising.  I’m thrilled to see Andrew and Nina!  It’s been over a year since I’ve hugged them, so long overdue!  I’ll just have to look extra hard for my happy face at that time of the morning!  Mornings are not my jam!

The Dream Team, Tregae, Darlene, Michelle and Susan, will be here to help, in any way humanly possible.  I’m blessed to have these wonderful women on my side!

Until we meet again, smile, wash your hands and say your prayers!



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