Hello from Texas!

Hello Friends!,

We’re here, in the heart of Texas!  Perfect weather…high 70’s!  If it stayed like this all year, there’d be no hope for California!

Here I am, with my girlfriend’s little sister.  In front of the Alamo, no less!  No, we didn’t go in.  I’ll read up on it one day!

We enjoyed lunch on the River Walk.  Lots of tourists, but lunch was delicious.

A warm, beautiful day at San Antonio’s market!

Changing gears, My future D.I.L repurposed this lamp, using gold spray paint and Fusion’s Ash.  A Stellar job!

I know many of you have been waiting for our Spring and Summer class schedule to be posted.  It’s always best to make plans now, for some great fun! I hope you can join us! Here!

That’s all for now.  Tomorrow, we head for Round Top.  Nine women will share one roof over our heads.  It should be thoroughly entertaining!

Take good care! Wash your hands and say your prayers!



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  1. Evelyn Bartley says

    Thank you for sharing your Texas experience!!!

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