Shopping at Market! April 14, 2021

Hello darling!

Well, here we are!  Have you ever heard the saying “rode hard and put away wet?  That’s how I felt, at 6:15 on Sunday morning, when I looked in the mirror.  I never sleep well, when traveling the next day.  Well, enough of that!

Once there, at the home and gift show, with my list in hand, I came back to life.  My forever friend, Karen, joined me and we had a wonderful time, seeing all of the eye candy!

One of my favorite things is seeing the creative displays!  So I snap a picture here and there and make a mental note to someday hang flower stems on an old ladder!

And I loved this “Flower Bar” sign!  But that was just the beginning!

I found a resource for colored sisal mats, but the folks couldn’t get here from India, to assist customers, because of travel restrictions.  At least I got contact info.

I ordered jewelry, bread boards, home decor and… Myra bags!  

(Sorry.  This picture looks like it was taken by a four year old!) I was amazed at the selection!  Huge!  I ordered weekender bags, purses, cross bodies, you name it!  Now, they have belts, wallets, clothes and even shoes, too!  I thought I had better just get started with the bags.  Beautiful fabrics, hides and hardware.  My friend, Anne, aka Tink, says they’re indestructible!  Anyway, they’ll be at the shop within two weeks.  Hopefully sooner.  I can’t wait!

I hand picked more hides, since you people love these things so much! This grey hide was picked for Tregae, who’s recovering her sofa and wanted a hide to match.

Then, I made my way to the Peepers showroom.  Reading glasses on steroids! Somehow, my eyesight is good enough that I rarely wear glasses.  But Mr. Wonderful buys reading glasses by the pallet, from the Dollar Tree.  No wonder they break!  They’re basically disposable glasses.  These babies are night and day better that those things! They have the quality appearance of expensive prescription glasses.  Built in protection from computer glare, prescription grade lenses….Yada, yada, yada.  I’m going to have a pair made into a prescription pair.

Then, we ventured on over to the showroom for the company that makes the rechargeable light modules that I LOVE!  But you can’t use the light modules unless you have a beautiful semi-translucent piece to put the module into!  Well, I hit the mother load of beautiful and affordable containers for your flame modules.  I am beyond thrilled!

And, wait til you see these round 25 and 28” twinkling globes.  180 led lights.  Uh oh!  No photo, but they’ll be here in September, for the holidays.  Indoor/Outdoor use, too!  Shut the door!  (Does anyone say that anymore?)

Then I came home last night and attempted to organize my life again today.  I know you wanted all of these details, right?  I’m not a spring chicken, don’t ya know?!  But truly, I love the whole discovery process!  I love finding goodies that can’t be found everywhere else and then dreaming about how I’ll display it all!  It floats my boat and all that!

I wore one of the new Umgee dresses, with skinny jeans underneath, at market.  I felt great in it and it’s so comfy!  (I wore a small, so you know it runs BIG). Check them out, when you stop by next!

Keep on washing those hands…yeah, yeah, yeah! And say your prayers!  He’s always listening!

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