One Week in France


Greetings, friends,

As you may know, I love traveling around Europe and seeing the world.  Mr. Wonderful doesn’t share this interest, so for the last ten years, I’ve been traveling with small groups of like-minded women, every couple of years.

This time, I decided to travel with a guide, Jennette, who would show me the flea markets of France.  Since the Paris markets are rather pricey, we opted for traveling around central France, in Montmorrillon.

While shopping and shipping furniture home is very expensive, I’m not going that route.  At least not yet!  Believe me, I was very tempted!

This time around, I found more vintage French linen tea towels, like I found on my last visit to Avignon.  They were a big hit at the shop! I also became fixated on religious pieces.  You’ll see them all at the October 2nd Market Day, if not before!

Day 1:

SFOMy flight to Paris, left last Sunday afternoon.  My seat wasn’t in business class, but I did upgrade, for extra leg room and it was well worth it.

Tip:  Cheapoair.com has great rates to Europe right now, in case you’re thinking of an adventure. I even saw empty seats on the United flight, which probably has something to do with world tensions.   I have never gotten a round trip ticket to Paris, for under a thousand before.

(From the west coast, Paris is a 12 hour flight.  I forgot my sleep mask, that might have helped me sleep a bit more. Any way you look at it, air travel is a work-out!

Tip: I suggest packing your own care package of fruit, protein bars, hard boiled eggs and nuts for a healthy alternative to what the airline serves, or a snack while touring. Be sure to stay hydrated, too. I also boosted my vitamin intake, the week before flight, to keep me extra healthy.)


After getting on the highway and leaving Paris, our first stop was Beauvais.  We stayed in this charming, old cottage, found by my guide, on Airbnb.


Our original plan was to spend the first night in Paris, but our guide made last minute changes to the itinerary. (This was one of many surprises our guide offered!) While the accommodations were nice, we were on a country road, with nothing close by.  Out in the middle of nowhere.  So, what was wrong with Paris?

Tip: When selecting a guide, don’t do what I did.  Please  do your homework.  Check Trip Adviser, or any source you can, to get references from other travelers, who have used the guide.  I have only had wonderful experiences with guides in the past, so I can complain too much.


For the remainder of the week, La Vienne was our home base.  We stayed in a very pleasant home, with three bedrooms.  (Air BnB) Next to the village church, the bells woke me each morning. Pretty nice.


Again, La Vienne is a small, quiet village.  We found one restaurant and a grocer.  Trust me, I didn’t go hungry! This is the Land of the Carb…best bread and pastries in the world!


And, where ever you look, flowers are growing.  Pretty spectacular!  Mild temperatures keep them thriving.


Prior to packing, France was experiencing high temps and little rain.  Of course, when we arrived, rain and cool temps came our way.  At least, I’d rather be cold than hot.

Finally, at today’s first flea market, I found a wonderful pre-owned jacket, for just 2 Euro…about $2.50.  I didn’t set any new fashion trends, but I was so much more comfortable!


I’m sure that the French take the everyday beauty, that surrounds them, for granted.  There are no freeways, around the farmlands we visited. Just little two lane highways, stone walls and friendly people.


Isn’t a beautiful farm scene?  I think my sister Susan could paint it!


While my shopping was limited by packing space, I think I found some  wonderful treasures.  I look forward to sharing them with you, at our next Market Day!

Mark your calendar, for October 2nd, from 10-3!


There’s place like home!  


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  1. Oh I am so happy that you had a wonderful week in France….If you ever need someone to help you pack and ship…let me know….I had a great experience with my shipping from France….

  2. Looks like a wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

    • Barbara Bussey says

      Hi Danice, Any time in France is wonderful! I wish we could grow flowers as well, in California! Take care, Barbara

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