News from the Shop! August 26, 2020

Good evening, darlings!,

While we were walking Micah, the shop manager, tonight, I told Mr. Wonderful that I was going to write a blog post, when we got home.  He asked, “what about?” and I said a bit of this and that. Ready?

(By the way, on our Micah walks, Bob holds the flashlight and the leash.  Guess what my job is? Here’s a hint.  It involves a bag!  I’m the lucky one, for sure!)

For starters, let’s talk about Fusion Mineral Paint. Nothing new, right?  Well, I am hoping to inspire you with the work of two novice furniture painters, in case you didn’t see it on Instagram.

Look at this.  Paint Star Numero Uno, put a drop cloth down and painted indoors.  Bravo!  (You know Fusion is zero-VOC, meaning there are no harmful chemicals to breath.  Plus, your paint won’t dry too quickly, as it would outdoors in this crazy heat!)

Check this out!  With supervision from the pooch, Paint Star Numero Uno (yes, I’m bi-lingual!) used Fusion’s beautiful Cathedral Taupe. What a transformation!  Congratulations!

Miamacita, Paint Star Numero Dos, wasn’t happy with the finish of her big-box-store chest of drawers.  So, she fearlessly painted it with Fusion’s Homestead Blue.  

Seeing this makes me want to paint something…anything…in this color!

By the way, the largest Fusion paint delivery ever, is arriving next Thursday!  Keep the faith!  Fusion’s production is up four times  of what it was, pre-covid, if you can believe it! We keep striving for a full inventory!  Thanks for your patience!

Check out our Fall Class Calendar, through November, Online.  I’m hoping to add a couple of fabulous guest teachers to the line-up, before Christmas, but right now it’s wait and see. Stay tuned!

Let’s talk Iron Orchid Designs!  The sisters, Sally and Josie are hosting a live Facebook presentation, showing off  their new release of stamps, molds and transfers, this Saturday, at 1 p.m.! 

New stamps and molds will go on sale September 3rd, at retailers.  The new transfers will be arriving, late September.  Not a moment too soon, for the holidays! There are some beauties coming our way!

We’ll be watching the live presentation, if you can join us!

Have you worked with I.O.D.’S inks yet!  They’re so helpful, when using their wonderful stamps!  At first I tried to stick with Fusion paint and a foam roller, when stamping.  Then, I found out how easy and mess-free the stamp pads are.

You start with a blank ink pad and fill it with your desired color.  You press the ink pad on the stamp and carefully apply it to furniture, napkins/fabric, walls and art projects!

If you are an ink-nut, (I’m sure there’s a nicer way to say that!) you can  blend inks and come up with all sorts of custom ink colors!

 Boutique Paint created this guide, in case you want to give it a try!

You may have heard that the shop was broken into recently.  Yes, the third time, in eight years!  These guys are fairly sophisticated, because they know what they’re looking for. I imagine they have girlfriends that help them identify stuff that’s easy to sell on Amazon or EBay.  This time it was Brighton jewelry.  I kicked myself for not locking it up at night, like I do other product.   Anyway, we got a new shipment of Brighton delivered this week. We aren’t fully stocked, as I’d like, but we’ll get there!  Hope you love it!

The wonderful shop sisters held down the fort last week, while I hosted a girlfriend get-together at Tahoe, last weekend.

Have you ever met a woman/women and felt like you’ve known her for a long time?

I feel that way about the women I work with!  There’s a wonderful, trusted bond.  We are like-minded, in so many ways.  I feel like they were placed in my life by divine intervention.

Same with my Texas friends.

There’s no competition. Just trust, support and love.

Ann, aka Tinker, on the left, came into the shop a year and a half ago, or so.  Before I knew it, we were talking about getting together for the antique show, in Round Top, Texas.

Somehow, along the way, we’ve become soul sisters.   The older I get, the more I believe that nothing is really accidental.  It’s like we grew up together.

For what it’s worth, let friendship happen.  It’s a gift, when all the pieces fit.  Listen to your instincts…that inner voice that speaks to. you.

Look at that water! What took me so long to fall in love with kayaking?  Just so peaceful, while being great exercise!   I take my phone with me and play beautiful piano instrumentals, on Spotify. Heavenly!

Well, sweetness, we’ve still got lots of clothing (baby, too) that’s 40% Off!  Here’s a deal!  Buy 3 pieces and we’ll take 50% Off! Just ask for the discount, at the counter!

Well, kids, that’s it for now.  Christmas product is starting to fill our garage.  Lots more to come!  Stay tuned!

As always, thanks for all the love and support!  You’re awesome!!

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