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Hello again!

Since I  hardly had any response to  the shop job I posted about last week, it’s time to re-evaluate our needs.

Instead of asking for the moon and the stars, within every galaxy of the universe, maybe I should just ask for a star or two!

If you know of anyone who might fit our needs, please pass this on to them!

Retail Boutique Manager Position:

Experience: Retail management experience would be a plus, but it’s not a requirement.

Technical knowledge: Skilled in using PC computers and tech savvy.

Physical requirements: Standing is required most of the day. Strength to lift and unpack shipments is also necessary.

Hours and work days are negotiable, depending on the candidate and the season. Normally 20 -30 hours a week would be sufficient. Depending on what the candidate brings to the table, more hours could be available. The shop is only open Thursday through Sunday, 11:30-4:30, but  behind the scenes work needs to be done, early in the week.   Placing orders, filling orders,managing inventory and class schedules are probably at the top of the to-do list.

Compensation: Compensation, vacations and perks are all based on the qualifications and experience of the chosen candidate.

Fostering a team spirit amongst the Shop Sisters and doing what needs to be done to ensure a wonderful shopping experience for our customers, is our ultimate goal.

Qualified applicants should forward their resume to:


You just never know what you’ll find, when out on the hunt!  Bob, Micah and I took a road trip from Tahoe to Reno on Sunday.  It was to check out what appeared to be a perfect, old drop leaf dining table. (I love drop leaf tables, because they’re so wonderfully versatile! ) The price was higher than I usually pay, but the wood was so pretty!  Well, you guessed it. Pictures can be deceiving.  I left the dear table in Reno, but we had a fun outing together!

You may remembering me mention that there was a stain out there, with a built-in top coat, that could be applied directly over a varnished, stained wood!  Amazing, right?  Well, it’s finally here!  Check it out this week! I brought in most of the shades!

I’ll have a sample piece for you to check out in a beautiful walnut shade. Impressively easy to apply! Woo-hoo!

I’ll be picking up these gorgeous vintage chairs tomorrow. I’m hoping they are as beautiful in person, as they are in the picture!  The ever hopeful eternal optimist!

But wait!  There’s more!…

We’ll be unpacking a big Fusion order on Wednesday and still not have everything in.  Frustrating!  I’ll be so glad when they are fully recovered from the shut-down, and we can keep our shelves fully stocked!  If you’re on the wait list, we’ll be giving you a call!

Bless you for your patience and support!  You’re the best customers in the world!


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