New Life for a Victorian Sofa

Just think, with this sofa you could pretend you lived a Downten Abby kind of life, back at the turn of the last century. Of course your personal servant would unpin and brush your hair each night, a hundred strokes. I’m winging it here. Need to brush up on the show and watch it more often!

What? You wouldn’t have been caught dead with a peach colored velvet sofa?

How about Mae West? For you youngsters, she was one of the first sex goddesses of early film. “Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” Hmmm.

Have a very wonderful Monday!


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  1. Actually, I could see that settee, color and all, in a lady’s boudoir! I do enjoy Downton Abbey, but don’t think m’lady would approve…too modern of a color! I’m thinking more circa 1920! It looks grand…Where would you put it? 😉

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