Lots to share with you, this week! October 27, 2021

Hello again, beautiful!

Lots has happened this past week, that I want to share with you! This is a long one, so grab your coffee and put your feet up!

Jill came to town!

Since we last visited, Sacramento had a history making storm and Jill, who used to keep things together for me at the shop, visited, with her girlfriend. They stayed with us and I’m not sure who was happier to see her…Micah, or us!

I worried about her traveling during crazy weather, but it all worked out.  She’s doing well and the “old Jill” is alive and well.  It was great to see her great sense of humor and laughter return!


Brighton Jewelry Promotion

If you or the people on your gift list love Brighton, this one’s for you!  You’ll need to act fast, because it only goes on through Sunday!

Here’s the scoop:  Buy $100 worth of Brighton and get a free necklace, valued at $59.00!

Kathy, one of our dear Brighton fans, had this to say, on Facebook:

Remember, the promotion only goes through this Sunday.

Holiday Open House Week

Our tenth annual Holiday Open House, is Thursday through Sunday, next week, November 4th-7th!   While we’re starting to slowly bring out the Christmas decor, it will all be out next week!

No pressure, but it looks like Good Day Sacramento, will visit the shop, next Wednesday, November 3rd at 7:30 a.m.  Apparently, they’re featuring Holiday transformations at shops within the area.

I’m sure you’ve heard of stores having empty shelves, but you won’t find them at The Treasured Home! I think I overcompensated, by buying extra, just in case and the shop has never been this full.  Ever!

New Arrivals!

If you follow the trend guru’s, comfortable, casual, work-from-home wear is doing very well.  So is cozy, beautiful clothing that works on every level.  Whether you’re running errands, going out to dinner or relaxing at home, casual, comfortable, elegant pieces, have been on my list, while shopping at market, for you.  I hope you love what I’ve found!

Besides and big new shipment from Cut Loose, I’ve brought in two new lines, in limited numbers, that I hope you’ll be crazy for! They’ll make great gifts for you or someone you love!

We also received a huge shipment of Democracy jeans, that we put on the racks today.  Black, denim and grey straight leg jeans, plus the popular girlfriend style jean!  I brought home a new-to-me pair of closer fitting “jeggings ” this evening.  I tried them on, as I was getting out of my work clothes and I love this style, too!  Every style of Democracy I put on, fits me exactly the same.  A great consistent fit!

Shopping Spree Drawing!

I hope you had a chance to enter our Tell a Friend drawing!  The three winners will be drawn, at approximately 4 p.m, Thursday/today, on a Facebook Live video! I hope you’ll check it out!  You might just win a free shopping spree! $350, $100 and $50 prizes!

Keeping it real…

I can talk myself into a real stress induced mess, without too much effort!  Especially at this time of the year! Thankfully, Bible Study has helped me understand that I’m not the one running this show.  My Heavenly Father has it all figured out.  He’s “in the driver’s seat”.

He also helps me keep things in the proper perspective.  I’m not saving lives or studying for the cure to cancer.  It’s all going to be OK.  I can do this, with him at my side.  One foot in front of the other. Thankfully, I find that comforting.

Thanks for being here and enjoy the sunshine!



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  1. Nanette Lamoure on October 28, 2021 at 11:05 am

    Can’t wait to come in to the shop…… sounds wonderful. You’re amazing, Barb !!!!

  2. Michelle Eaton on October 28, 2021 at 11:20 pm

    The Treasured Home is a store FULL of Treasures!!!! It is amazing what you have done with the store throughout the 10 years.
    I have always found wonderful items I had to have. Congratulations to all of your hard work and creativity.
    Lots of continued success.
    Warmly, Michelle

    • Barbara Bussey on November 17, 2021 at 8:59 pm

      Hello Michelle! Sorry it took me so long to reply to your kind comment! I’m so blessed to do what I love, that keeps me energized. Most days don’t feel like work and my team helps so much with the “heavy lifting”, so I’m happy. Thanks for your support over the years! People like you give the shop a reason to exist. All the very best to you!, Barbara

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New arrivals, classes, and creative inspiration
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