How to get a super smooth table top finish…and more! July 1, 2021

Hello again!,

Before I share my brilliant painting tip, I wanted to remind you that we’ll be closed, this Sunday, the 4th of July.  In the mean time, we’re sporting our red, white and blue!

Now, on to achieving a super smooth surface, when painting…

I was thrilled, when thrifting recently and scoring this gorgeous coffee table!

As you see, some sanding was needed.  Nothing major. 🙂 But check out those legs!

Remember, before you start sanding, be sure to clean your piece with Fusion’s TSP Alternative.  If you sand first, you’ll be pushing the dirt and oils into the wood grain.  No bueno!

I had a plan to paint the moulding with Fusion’s Soapstone, and then paint over it with Fusion Mineral Paint’s “Putty”. 

It worked great and I left some of the Soapstone color show through.

Now onto painting this large surface! This Staalmeester One Series brush has bristles that are the diameter of a gnat’s ear.  Super fine!  But first, you need Staalmeester’s Microfelt roller cover.  A game changer!

Typically, when using Fusion’s old style micro fiver roller cover, you’ll end up with a slight nap/texture.  When you use this new Staalmeester roller cover, the nap is hardly noticeable.  The trick, with any roller use, is to off-load as much paint as possible, out of the roller cover.

If you want to take your finish to the next level, drag the Staalmeester One Series brush, at a 45 degree angle, over the newly rolled surface. No pressure!  In this case, I’d roll a couple of rows of paint and then drag with the One Series brush. You don’t want the paint to have a chance to start drying.  I also spritz the brush with water, prior to dragging.

So there you have it.  A nearly flawless finish!  I haven’t sealed the surface with Fusion’s Tough Coat yet, but I plan to roll that with the new roller cover, as well.

The only issue is that the table is too large for this space.  At first, I thought I was having a hard time with it because it’s the only painted piece of furniture in the room.  But that’s not it.  I have a wonderful painted coffee table in our living room and I love it, because the scale is appropriate.

This baby is 38 x 54 x 19”.  If you’re one of the lucky folks with a great room floor plan and more space, it could be perfect.  So, I’m selling this table for just $275.  Even though I put lots of time in it, I don’t have room for it in the shop.  You’d need to pick it up at our home in Carmichael.  It fit in our Suburban just fine, but two strong people are needed to move it.

At the shop…

I have the pleasure to work with these darling women!  I got them to model some new bandanas that just arrived.  Darlene thought she’d revisit the 60’s for a short time, but settled on the headband option, like Linda, to keep that ton of hair she has, off her neck.

These gorgeous sheer caftan style tops arrived and they’re just as pretty in person, as I had hoped.

There are about 5 different styles and I think.  I only ordered a few, since I hadn’t purchased from this

Well, friends… enjoy the weekend and this beautiful weather.

Hoping to see you soon!

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