Closet Clean Up August 25, 2014

Getting Ready for Fall
We returned home late last night from New York. The older I get, the longer it takes for me to recover from the coast to coast trip. I took it slow this morning and it felt wonderful!

One of the cardinal rules of blogging is to put your glamour shot at the top of the blog. What do you think? Does this qualify?

I don’t know about you, but if my life isn’t in order, my eye starts twitching and I want to kick something! So for my own good and the health and well being of those around me, I need to deal with it.

So, as I unpacked my suitcase, I tackled our closet.

One rule I try to follow is that if you bring something in, eventually you need to take something out.

The pile system works for me, when I’m doing this kind of thing.

I had a growing pile for the dry cleaners and another for the alterations genius, I recently found. (Even though altering a piece of clothing isn’t cheap, it’s less expensive that buying a new piece and if you love it, it is worth it!)

Normally, I give cast offs to anyone I know who can use them. But, today’s pile is bigger than usual. I’m going to check out a consignment shop (Sequels) that I have purchased things from before. Maybe I can recover a few bucks from the pile! It’s usually pennies on the dollar, but what the heck!

I’m trying to make my closet reflect who I am at this particular point in my life. I don’t need blazers. I don’t need sequins or heels.

More often than not, I don’t spend a lot on clothes. I’m a Marshall’s/TJMaxx fan. If the piece gets paint on it…if my bra strap is always showing or if it looks like #@%^&* after a couple of washes, I don’t feel bad about passing it on.

I do love an occasional splurge, like linen in summer and boots in winter…any piece that is unique and that I feel great in. I haven’t had a pair of panty hose on in years and am thankful that they have become nearly extinct.

Today, I got feeling so productive, that I even started tackling Mr. Wonderful’s side of the closet! He’s great about hanging clothes up, but I’m the Spot Patrol and pull things off the hangers.

Since his dress shirts go to the laundry, we end up with a zillion metal hangers. I recycle them and take them back where they came from. My favorite hangers are either wooden or the black velvet-looking hangers. Nothing slips off of them!

Yes…this is the after picture. Looks the same, you say? Well, up close, it’s organized and wearable and it will stay this way for while. At least until I start twitching again!

If you’re putting off closet control, I encourage you to tackle it, next time the spirit moves you. The rules really do make sense.

Don’t keep it if you haven’t worn it for one-two-three? years. Don’t keep it if you feel like %^#*& in it! If you’re keeping it, in case you lose or gain weight, forget it! Let it go!

Patti had a great idea. You’ve heard of book exchanges…why not a scarf or jewelry exchange? Scarves, especially during the cooler months, can really transform an outfit. They’re sort of the equivalent to pillows on a sofa. They totally change the look of a room/outfit!

Just like antiques, clothes can be crazy cheap. The fit (not too big, to small, too long or short) and how you carry yourself and accessorize the outfit, can make you look like a million bucks. Take a risk and wear something outside of your comfort zone this week.

Now that I have decided to become a fashion/stylist (HA!), the last thing to remind you about is dressing your age. A good rule of thumb is that if you have to ask someone if the ______ looks good, then maybe you should pass. You know what looks good, what you feel comfortable, yet confident, in. That’s what you should wear.

Finally, less is more. No it isn’t an original thought, but it’s oh, so true! Over-doing anything, whether it’s jewelry, make-up, cleavage, you-name-it…don’t.

It’s for your own good! Didn’t your mother tell you that? Just call me Mom!!

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  1. Gwen on August 26, 2014 at 6:30 am

    You are such a “glamor girl”. Thanks for making me smile. Great post with great advice.

  2. Debbie Kick on September 1, 2014 at 8:56 am

    I’ve been to a jewelry exchange before and it was a barrel of fun! You bring a piece, take a piece. Your closet is gorgeous.

    • Barbara Bussey on September 1, 2014 at 4:22 pm

      I think we both went to Kathleen J’s party! Yes, that was fun! I hear her son got married this weekend. Happy for them!

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