Back to the Work Shop

We had a great weekend at Veranda Antiques! Between yesterday’s parking lot sale and customers buying at Veranda, I had better get back to painting and sourcing more treasures! That’s a good thing!

We brought my console table, that I painted with ASCP old white, clear waxed, with a bit of dark wax in the nooks and crannies, along with some gold rub ‘n buff and it was a quick sale. 🙂


My cute little bench, with a coat of a fun Sherwin Williams enamel, was a fast sale, and two of my gold leaf mirrors sold yesterday, too! Yeah!


A coffee table sold at my work shop today and I found a chest of drawers that I’m going to paint silver(!) this week. Mr. Wonderful is going to fire up the paint sprayer and paint Fran’s (thank you!) giveaway desk and a couple little chairs a hot pink enamel. That’s going to be fun to see! I hope it turns out as great in real life, as it looks in my head!
Just about the best part of all, this week, is that we are starting our upstairs project. I’ve been waiting for what seems like an eternity, to have hardwood floors installed up stairs. Our dear Wonder Dog, has an enlarged esophagus. Because of this, food doesn’t always stay in his tummy.

He’s what you call a high maintenance dog! We love him, even though our white carpet upstairs is not as white as it used to be… No matter how often its cleaned. It’s certainly not as forgiving as the wood floors and Persian rugs we have downstairs. So, that’s the plan upstairs. ( I’m kind of secretly giving Wonder Dog the “high five”, because I’d rather have wood than wall to wall carpet, any day!)
We’re starting in our son’s room, where Mr. Wonderful’s removing water damaged base boards from a long ago water leak. Doesn’t he look happy?

Well if you’re still with me, thanks for stopping by! I’ve covered just about everything but the kitchen sink today and hope I didn’t bore you to death!

Take care,


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  1. Debbie Kick says

    You two Wonderfuls make me tired just reading about all your projects. So glad your parking lot sale went so well and folks are flocking to Veranda. Having a great time in NY, although it may rain the rest of the week. Went to a spectacular Rockefeller mansion yesterday overlooking the Hudson, and it was a beautiful, clear 80 degree day. Good luck with the upstairs.

  2. I would love to have hardwoods upstairs, but not happening anytime soon. He looks about as happy as mine looks when a new project begins.

  3. I loved everything you sold, especially those mirrors! Sorry about your puppy’s problems. It’s almost like having kids that are sick.


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