This Week at the Shop!

Hello, darling!

It’s Taco Thursday, here and I thought I’d take a minute to let you know what’s up, at the shop!  So are you ready? Let’s go!

It’s five weeks and one day until Christmas.  I could have left that morsel of information out, I can hear you say! Why don’t we back up a bit and just enjoy Thanksgiving!

Are you the master of the turkey, this year?  If so, I  found this informative graphic online and thought you’d find it helpful.   Not really?  Well, I’m in charge of a giant Caesar salad!  Impressive, eh?  You can tell that my older sister has limited confidence in my culinary abilities.  How can you possibly screw up a Caesar salad!

Any who, back at the shop, dear Darlene unpacked our Fusion paint order today.  Always a cherished assignment, we end up with more “packing peanuts” than we know what to do with!  Even though these are biodegradable, they need to go somewhere!  Thankfully, we’re 99.765% fully stocked, now that Fusion has recovered from the huge demand Covid put on the company.  The only thing missing from stock are the little testers.  They’re slowly making a comeback. 🙂

I don’t have a picture to share, but we had added a new paint brush line to our inventory.  The Staalmeester brushes are amazing, but they come from Europe, on a big, slow boat.  Availability this year, has had some glitches.  Secondly, I wanted to stock an American made brush that first time painters could justify, for less than $10! Next time you’re in, be sure to check out our new Zibra brushes! I took one on a test drive yesterday and was impressed!

Speaking of European, I scored some beautiful antique dough bowls this week.  Just one of my favorite things!

Old European pots, troughs and stools joined the beautiful dough bowls.  I moved Jacque, the stuffed French rabbit, nearby.  He’s been with me over a year, after my last trip to Provence.  He’s very old and sweet and I thought he could use some French company!  They probably talk when we leave at night!

This week, we’ve also re-stocked on our toddler books.  There’s a new Christmas book that’s pretty sweet!

Satin pillow cases were restocked…such a great gift!

Last, but not least, are Leticia’s beautiful topiaries!  For the person who has everything, a fresh plant can brighten any space…even your own!

Until we meet again, don’t fret or frown.  Share some love and be good to yourself!


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