New at The Treasured Home

You’re talking to the one-woman furniture moving service, here at The Treasured Home. (I just returned from the chiropractor!)

Mr. Wonderful was no where to be found, yesterday, as I pushed, shoved and lifted! Good thing I’m such a stud at the gym!

We all know customers love to see new inventory and displays. The same holds true for me and Patti. We like to keep mixing it up!

I changed the entrance around a bit, with the farm table greeting you. Note the new, European glass bottle. Love that blue! Check out the stone pedestal in the center of the table.

It is really a nice piece. ($95) If you don’t buy it, I will! 🙂 it would serve as a trivet or a serving piece. Cheese board?

Be sure to check out the Tower-O-Grain Sacks! Lots to choose from!

I’ve changed the front window and this German girl is feeling kinda Frenchy!

Every young lady would love to have a dressing table. Since I grew up with about 74 siblings, I was never afforded such luxuries, but in my next life…


Well, there’s lots more to do, as I get ready for the Paint Extravaganza, on July 20th! I had better get back to work!


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  1. The shop looks great as usual Barbara…so many beautiful things!!!

    • Thanks Shirley! I saw that you’re updating the home tour on your blog. Great idea! It’s always interesting to see how our homes change over the years. As students of design, it’s all for the better! Take care!

  2. Thank you for giving those too far away the opportunity to peak in your windows. Just lovely! Love the fabric on the little bench. Blessings

  3. shop looks fabulous! the ladder of grain sacks is tempting me!

  4. Donnamae says

    Shop looks wonderful! Thanks for giving us a peek…love that blue bottle…you’ve got a real knack for display! 😉

  5. Such beautiful pieces!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!!

  6. Hi !
    I’d like to buy the blue glass bottle in the top picture! I can send you my cc info .
    You don’t have to send it , I’ll get up there soon to pick it up and maybe a few more goodies! I’ve been looking for that color ! Lmk how much!

    • Ok. Can you pick it up when you come to town for the reunion? I could take it to Susan’s for you. Just let me know.

    • I didn’t read your entire message. Sorry. The shop is open Tuesday through Saturday. 10:30-4:30. When do you plan to be in town? I would hate to ship it so I’m glad you’ll be picking it up! Thanks! It’s a beauty!

  7. LOVE the blue/gray color of the table in your window display! The one with the grain sack bench (underneath) did you paint that as well? If so,Is it paint you carry in your store?

    • That table was painted by a master furniture painter in town. He is very skilled at layering and distressing. It wasn’t my paint he used. I don’t think it was anything but latex and artistry, to be honest!

  8. Thank goodness your shop isn’t near me Barbara. I would just be handing over my S.S. check to you each month. Your store looks fabulous!!!

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