Make hand-made gifts, they’ll love!

Hello sweetness!,

Do you lie in bed at night, secretly dreading the gift giving season ahead? You aren’t alone!

I have some thoughts and ideas that you might find helpful.

Personalized gift giving can sound a bit intimidating, but I am a big believer in thoughtful giving.  Does it always work out that way?  No, but that’s the goal!

Good gifting doesn’t have to take a lot of money, but starting early…as in now,  is a big help! Many, especially the older among us, (present company excluded, of course)… don’t need another thing.  Why not make a donation, in their name, to a favorite cause, they support?  Put it in a card and write something sweet.  Pick a few flowers from your camellia bush, stick them in a jelly jar and go visit this person!  Sometimes, many times, your presence is the best present of all.

My siblings and I don’t really share gifts.  Do yours? What about taking a class, with them?  This year, Susanne is teaching her super-popular vintage truck Paint and Sip class and has added this vintage car class, as well! These classes fill up quickly, so I suggest you make plans now!

Remember all the hand made Christmas gifts and ornaments our kids made, when they were little?  The ornaments, with their little faces on them, always make me smile. No tree is complete without them!

There’s nothing better than a thoughtful hand-made gift!  Do you have a friend who’s a great cook and loves to entertain? Well, here you go!

This Thursday afternoon, we are hosting a napkin stamping class.  You’ll make 10 washable 20×20″ stamped linen napkins!

Don’t worry, it’s almost fool-proof.  We’ll practice, before stamping the actual napkins.  I’ve made all the mistakes myself, so you don’t have to!  Join us this Thursday, from 1-3 p.m.!

(Announcer voice) “But wait…there’s more!”

Do you have a friend who always has guests staying over?  (The pesky 40-year old son doesn’t count!). Join us Saturday, from 1-3:30ish, to paint and embellish 8 guest hangers?  Sign up here!

Don’t worry!  If making just isn’t your thing, we’re packed with wonderful gifts and pretty gift bags!

We celebrated our 6th anniversary, with printed bags!  Now, we’re stylin’!

Remember, it’s not the gift, but the love we give with it!


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