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Mr. Wonderful took this picture, at sunrise the other day.  We have been getting so much snow, this year, making travel back and forth, challenging. I haven’t been up there nearly as much as I’d like. We’re still a couple of months away from having the floors installed, downstairs.  I think I’ll just wait until then, to share more.  There’s only so many in-progress photos you want to see!


We had a great furniture painting class on Saturday.  This darling woman, is starting a new chapter in life and was thrilled with her newest accomplishment! By the way, if you’re thinking about taking a class soon, this is a perfect sized piece to bring!

This is too!  Both pieces can be carried with one hand and can share a work table, easily.



This piece was big and heavy for two hands, let alone one.  

I wish time and space wasn’t an issue, but it is.  Big or small, everyone had a great time and left with beautiful, restored pieces!


While purchases made this past weekend, won’t arrive for a week or four, we got new serving papers and placemats that are wonderful.  What a great alternative to doilies and perfect for a cheese board.


These are die cut heart placemats, that would be totally adorable for a Valentine’s Day dinner…especially if they were right side up!


This is a beautiful (in my opinion) contemporary piece we had in another home.  I think it’s priced at $95 and it mixes well with lots of styles.


This is a primitive antique pine piece that has been saved in the back room for a year, thinking it would be perfect for Tahoe. Alas, it’s not the right piece.  It’s two actual pieces and I hope I can find it a good home!


I found these vintage pine end tables at an estate sale and love the curvy legs!

OK, this is not the most flattering photo of this hanging light fixture, but trust me, it’s beautiful!  But wait!  There are two!  Again, I thought they’d be perfect for Tahoe.  Wrong!  Our ceilings would have to be pushed up a couple of feet.  No, that’s not happening!  I’m selling them at cost!  Great value! Help me keep out of hot water.  I’ve made more designing boo boo’s than I’d like to admit to, but don’t tell anyone!


Well, girls, it’s past my bed time.  Tomorrow, I get to go exercise. I know it’s good for me….It’s good for me…I like it…uh huh!

Bless you!


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  1. It’s good to hear from you! I love what you bought for Tahoe….especially those lanterns….too bad they don’t work. I for one am anxious to see more pics…but I can wait! Glad things at the store are going so well. And also happy to hear you are getting so much snow…that’s good….especially when it melts! We have snow here….but nothing like they have out East…I’m happy about that! 😉

    • Barbara Bussey says

      Good morning friend! I’ll share pa picture of the kitchen, once the backsplash and hardware is on. Nothing significant has happened since I last posted photos. 🙁 Behind the scene stuff like getting a fire safe door to the garage, window moldings, etc. Glad you didn’t get dumped on, like others back east! Take care, B.

  2. It looks like you’ve been busy as always! I’m enjoying the updates on the “Fixer Upper” in Tahoe. Too bad that cupboard wouldn’t work. It is gorgeous! I love seeing what you are doing in the shop. I can always look for inspiration when I check out your posts. Love, Gretchen

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