An Amazing Mirror Make-Over

It all started with this over the top, antique reproduction mirror.  Yes, another Craig’s List find! I knew that it was a prime candidate for our not-so-secret specialty finish!

No, this isn’t One Step, but what good things ever come from just One Step, unless we’re talking a move away from the refrigerator, at 9 p.m.?

We started with One Step’s (chalk) Bauhaus Buff, followed by a couple of coats of Gesso.  Then, Jill, topped that off with a couple of coats of Amy’s Toscana Paint Powder, aka milk paint. 

Once we Jill had applied a coat of light wax to the mirror, she was ready for Dust of Ages!  It’s a bloody mess, but if you prepare properly, it’s manageable…and worth it!


Since I have absolutely no clue how to merge or edit videos, here’s the final-final!

While this mirror required 8 EIGHT (!) steps, the techniques used, create a truly aged finish.  We Jill transformed the mirror, from tacky to gorgeous!  Let me know if you have interest in tackling the techniques, in a class!

Here she is, proudly displayed at the shop!  She sits above another heavily molded table, a gift from friend Jini, that we used a very similar technique on.  They make a pretty pair!


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  1. Carol Schreiber says

    Wow! That is amazing! Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Wow! It’s quite beautiful! Amazing what you can do with the right technique! 😉

  3. The shape of that mirror is amazing!

  4. Wow, that looks like Italian cement 🙂 Very very cool. Why did you guys apply 2 coats of Gesso?

  5. Donna Heyde says

    Great job Jill..Love it

  6. Valerie McKnight says

    Beautiful! So worth the 8 steps to get it there!

  7. Barbara Kessler says

    Amazing technique -and so beautiful result. Are you going to teach how to do it?

    • Barbara Bussey says

      Hi Barbara,
      I’d love to teach this technique, but it will be later this year, probably November, before we can get it on the calendar. Stay tuned!

    • Barbara Bussey says

      We hope to teach this technique, late this year. Stay tuned!

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