What Do You Do On Your Day Off?

Hello, dearest darling!,

You might remember that palmist, Anna Esparza, was enlightening us, at last week’s Open House? Here she is, giving Patti an ear full!

Well, when she looked at my hand, she said, Work, work, work! You love to work! She went on to suggest I consider a more balanced lifestyle. (I’ve also heard I should consume 5 fruits and vegetables each day…but that doesn’t mean it happens!)

So today, I took Anna’s advice! Mr. Wonderful and I drove to Sausalito, for the day. If you don’t know about Sausalito, it’s a small town, across the bay from San Francisco. One of my favorite restaurants there, is Poggio. We had a wonderful lunch and watched the people passing by. Purely delightful!

On our way home, we drove through Sonoma, where a favorite antique shop was open. Sonoma Country Antiques, has been in business for years and it’s a place packed with gorgeous American and European antiques, beautifully displayed! We share a love for many of the same treasures!



You probably know I love gorgeous European vintage bottles! They’re at my shop too.

(For 1/2 the price!) I wish I could get Napa/Sonoma prices at The Treasured Home, but it isn’t happening anytime soon! I also wish I could skip rope, while chewing gum, but, no luck there, either!

Driftwood stars? Check! We’ve got ’em! (Again, less than 1/2 the price !)

Cool vintage school maps? Check and ditto!

Just for some additional zing for my day off, I knew it would not be complete, without a visit to a thrift store I had heard about!

Now you can thank me, because you can save your time and gas. Don’t quote me, but this place gives thrift stores a bad name! J-U-N-K.

Well, let’s see. On a much more positive note, West Point’s Women’s Rugby Team, has had such a stellar season, (see my sweet Betsy, below), that they’re going to Florida in a couple of weeks, to rub knees, with some other crazy college women, who are also really good at the game. It’s some sort of final-final games. (Yes, I suggested golf or tennis. Even shuffleboard or poker, with no luck!) Their team is actually called Women’s Army Rugby, or W.A.R. Sweet , huh?!

I hope you’re off to a great start, for a safe and sane week ahead!


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  1. You are adorable!

  2. Glad you took her advice! There will ALWAYS be something to do in a shop…just walk away. Even if you are away, you will be looking around for inspiration, so since you live in such a wonderful part of the world take more day trips like this.xxx

  3. What a great escape…lunch and an antique store! My kind of day! 😉

  4. What a fun day for you two! Sounds delightful…

    And I’m comin’ in soon for a driftwood star…or three!

  5. Glad you were able to get away for the day and spend it with Mr. Wonderful!…and congrats to Betsy!!!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Shirley! I have had the luxury of reading my friends ‘ blogs, for some time! (Remember that, when you think about opening a shop!)
      I hope you and your gang are all well!,

  6. Oh Barbara, you are so animated! You are the greatest inspiration for me! Some day when I don’t need a real job to support my vintage shopping habits I so desire to work in your lovely store.
    Thursday night was a delightful kick-off for the holiday planning season. It was a pleasure to meet Mr. Peterson, the Wreckless Wine pourer & Anna. The shop was a buzz of energy, anticipation & fascinating conversation. I had a fabulous evening.
    Thank you for allowing me the honor of joining your lovely circle of family & friends. You make every visit fun with stimulating banter, breathtaking vignettes & an abundance of irresistible treasures.

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