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We’re getting down to the home stretch! In just three months, Jill and I will head for the south of France, with a small group of women.  Our task, will be to fill a container with old French treasures.  This is the trip I’ve dreamed of!  It will be Jill’s first trip to Europe and I’ll be so happy to open this door for her! I’ve been quite a few times, but have never had the opportunity to bring back anything bigger than a bread box!  Stay tuned!

Classes this weekend:

Cabinet Painting Workshop, Saturday, 1-4 : 

Are you tired of your tired kitchen cabinets?  Let us show you, step by step how to transform your kitchen, from dated to delightful! Lots of people are doing it and you can too!

Image Transfer Workshop, Sunday

In this Workshop, you’ll learn hands-on, how to transfer printed images, onto cloth, canvas or furniture! You’ll paint this table-top easel and create two aged canvases, to display in your home or office.

Sign up on line at https://www.thetreasuredhome.com/classes. We need at least four students in a class and never exceed 10.

In other news at the shop, we’ve got lots of new painted furniture pieces, that I really love!

Secretary desk

I seem to have a thing for secretary desks!  We’ve sold quite a few over the years and this one is in perfect condition and beautifully painted, by Jill!  The interior is painted in a creamy white, just like the drawer interior.  It would be perfect in an entry or master bedroom.  Lots of options!

If you’ve noticed this green cabinet, I’ve given it a significant mark-down, to just $280!  Drawers below and shelves above. I love the scaloped shelves!  I’ve got an idea to hang some cow hide rugs for sale, in this spot, so help me out, ok?

Now you know I’m not a master photographer, but I found five of these gorgeous shuttered panels, 3′ x 7′, that are gorgeous!  I’m saving two, to go on either side of our front door, but that still leaves three for you!

Another masterful shot!  If you are looking for a beautiful pair of mirrors, hand painted by moi, these would look good in a master bath, replacing one of those huge sheets of mirror.

The dresser hidden behind one of the mirrors, is almost finished!  Wait til you see the original Art Deco hardware!

Close your eyes, if I already told you this, but we have a (Deluxe!) Furniture Painting Starter set, for you.  It’s a great gift, for yourself, or someone special, at 10% savings!

I hope you can stop in, next time you have a spare minute. Come see what’s new this week!  Rain o rain shine, we’ll leave the light on for you!


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