We Re-Open Saturday, January 4th, with a final 60% Off of Christmas!

Greetings, dear friend of the new year!

Tregae and I spent the day on Thursday, packing up 8 boxes of Christmas memories.  But, when it came to the two hundred and twenty-nine large black reindeer, galvanized reindeer and trees, (I exaggerate a little), I knew it was time to ask you for a another small favor.

The fact of the matter is that we need you to adopt a reindeer!  Just one is all we ask!  Think of it as a Christmas decor rescue program!  

You know, my vehicle has never seen the inside of my garage.  Poor thing is kind of  mad.  Insulted, to put it bluntly!  She doesn’t know why furniture projects and Christmas decor take priority over her!

Anyway, I have had this discussion with her before.  It is what it is, but please do what you can to help the cause!  The savings are huge!  Doesn’t  that help a little?

As Dr. Laura used to say “Now, go do the right thing!”

See you Saturday!


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