Waxing Vs Glazing – What’s the Difference??

Waxing Vs Glazing – Learn the differences between these two Fusion Mineral Paint finishes and how to use them!!

In today’s LIVE Facebook Tutorial, Barbara demonstrates two of Fusion’s finishing products – Wax and Glaze.  Both of these products offer a way to create lovely depth on a piece of painted furniture, but the application and outcome for each is a bit different.  Let’s learn about both in this Waxing Vs Glazing tutorial!

Waxing VS Glazing - Find out the difference between these two Fusion Mineral Paint Finishes. #thetreasuredhome #fusionmineralpaint #waxing #glazing #furniturepaintingtechniques

Get more information or grab all the supplies Barbara used for her tutorial below:

Champlain Fusion Mineral Paint – “Hands down our most popular neutral warm white has depth. From small to large projects, it too goes well with everything!”

Ultra Grip by Fusion Mineral Paint

Antiquing Glaze or Clear Glaze by Fusion Mineral Paint

Beeswax/Hemp Oil Finish – “Our Beeswax Finish, unique to Fusion™, and contains only pure natural beeswax and hemp oil. It is a food safe, all natural product, providing a soft smooth satin finish.  It will maintain that gorgeous satin lustre for a very long time!  Food Safe, No Chemicals, NO VOC’s & Biodegradable.”

Aging Wax by Fusion Mineral Paint

Staalmeester Round Wax Brush

Learn all about the differences between Fusion Mineral Paint Wax and Glaze below!

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Fusion Mineral Paint Online Shop

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