This week, at the shop. November 9, 2015

Greetings, lovebirds!,

This small scale antique buffet was updated recently, with Amy Howard’s One Step Paint, in a wonderful color called Brook’s Grey. Yeah, I know that it doesn’t look grey at all, so don’t shoot the messenger.  Great color, though, with a black glaze on top. By the way, the cow hide rug is for sale…

Then there’s this table and chair (9 chairs available) project that’s a great example of the different finishes you can achieve using milk paint.  The Queen Anne style chairs naturally distressed, all by themselves and the oak table didn’t chip at all.

Nancy, our go-to Upholstery Queen, covered the chair pad frames, she stuffed with horse hair…just like they did in the old days!  She lives in Rio Linda, which is horse country and a friend gave her the stash to use on the right project. The rest is history!

Bonding agent (primer) wasn’t used in either case, showing that you never know what you’re going to get, when you use milk paint, without it. But for me, it’s so much fun to see how a piece of furniture reacts to milk paint without primer.   If chippy isn’t your thing, results are much more consistent when you add the Bonding Agent.

Now, let’s continue the tour…

Julie finds some really fun pieces, like this antique bass drum!

If you’re in the market for a beautiful old sleigh, she has a beauty, for just $59!

Love it!

If you’ve shopped for Christmas stockings, made from vintage European grain sacks, you know that they can be crazy expensive, but Julie’s are crazy-low, at $49 each!

If you enjoy your Mad Men cocktail, these high ball glasses should get you in the groove!

With all the free time I have on my hands, I’ve learned how to make soy candles and customers seem to love them.  I used to make cookies…now I make candles…lower cal. Of course, we still stock Votivo candles.

We make signs, fill door baskets with faux foliage and anything else we can imagine.  Our friend Penny, is the real floral designer and she creates wreaths, that are actually works of art.  Living along the river, she sources as many natural elements as she can, for these beauties.  Just $49.00.

For th friend who has everything, you can always score big points, giving a beautiful book, like one of the two we have in stock.

Jill’s understandably proud of this stunning high boy dresser.  And, if you are up for a one-of -kind coffee

table, check out the perfect game table!  And it’s on sale!  Go figure!

My friend, Eileen, proudly displayed her zinnias, in our ever-popular bottle carrier.  Zinnias alway remind me of my dear mom.

 If you love a hand carved vintage European dough bowl, I recently splurged on these two round bowls.  The round bowls are a bit more expensive than their oval sisters, because they are carved from a larger tree.  Just gorgeous, though! 

Classes for January will be posted soon and if you want to make someone happy…including me!, get them a Gift Certificate for a class!

Mr. Wonderful heads back up to the Tahoe Fixer tomorrow morning, to work with the texture guy and electricians.  I haven’t been up in at least three weeks, but I’ll be up next week and promise to take some pictures!

Blessings to you and yours!

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