This Week, at the Shop!

Dear kind friend!,

We meet once again, to let you know what’s happening at The Treasured Home… my refuge from reality!  I hope it’s yours as well.

I was at the shop this afternoon, unpacking some new arrivals.  Looking around, I see that we have new residents.  Actually they’re the same old visitors.  Dust bunnies have returned to the shop in a big way and it’s time to take action!  It seems like we’re constantly cleaning!  If you arrive early tomorrow, you might see us dancing with a mop or two!  You’ve been warned!

Sweet fair trade jewelry.

More arrived last week! Another favorite wholesaler of fun jewelry arrived today.  Brighton is back open for business and I hope to meet with the rep next week, to place an order.  More jewelry is never enough!

A pallet of home decor is arriving on Friday.  Tregae, Darlene and I will be living the glamorous life on Friday, for sure!  Actually, arranging new arrivals is one of my favorite things to do!

Iron Orchid Designs should arrive on Friday, as well, to re-stock the shelves.  Please know that there are about a half dozen popular transfers, stamps and molds that won’t be available until some time in July.  We recommend that if you have far to travel, call first, to confirm we have the product you’re looking for.  Near or far, call first and we’ll set it aside for you.  We pride ourselves in stocking the full line of both I.O.D. and Fusion Mineral Paint.  These are times most retailers have never faced before.  You’ve all been so understanding and we are so appreciative!

Ladies, start your engines! Next Wednesday, we’re expecting to receive a very large Fusion Mineral Paint order!  Anything can happen, so call first, before jumping in the car!  With freight companies, schedules are meant to be broken!

This Saturday afternoon, our “Faith, Hope and Love” class (2-4 p.m., $54) is scheduled.  Our focus is for you to learn, practice and understand all about Iron Orchid Designs’ stamps and molds. There’s still plenty of room. No more than 2 per table.  Sign up at https://www.thetreasuredhome.com/classes.

Want a different background color?  No problem!

Well princess, I think that’s all for now.  I’m sure I’ve missed a few things, so stop in for a peek!

Bless you and keep you safe!  And my personal mantra:

Live in the moment! ❤️


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