This Week at the Shop!

Hello beautiful!

Well, here we are.  Week two of our new shop business hours!  So far, so good!  Thanks for showing up, for last week’s boutique sale!  Because of you, we have lots of empty hangers!  Don’t despair! More fun frocks are on their way!  (Like that…”fun frocks”?)

First and foremost, we’re having a


For example, this 6′ long, farm-style table and chairs, will be sold as a set, for $775, normally $1090!

We have lots of new arrivals coming this week.  Iron Orchid Designs arrives today.

We placed a Fusion paint order Monday.  Most colors are thankfully available again, although it’s going to be possibly a month before it arrives here at the shop.  They are still taking about 10 days to get product out of the warehouse and then it takes another two weeks for that truck to find its way from eastern Canada to California!  Yikes! I can’t be mad, because I know they’re doing everything they can to turn things around.  Fusion is worth waiting for.  Really!


PRICE INCREASE ON FUSION PAINTS – Probably one reason why we have been one of the top five Fusion U.S. Retailers, is because our prices are the lowest in the region.  I recently realized that freight makes up for 25% of each Fusion invoice and I haven’t accounted for that in my sales price. (Business school drop-out!).

This will be the last week we’ll be selling Fusion at $19.99/pint.  Starting next week, we’ll be raising our pint prices to $22.99.    Sorry, no rain-checks.


Our new summer class calendar, through mid-September, is on-line!  The tray, in the photo above, is a new class, so come join us for that!  See the whole schedule at https://www.thetreasuredhome.com/classes,  Go take a peek! Two of our most popular classes are available, as a take-out kit. Great for at-risk folks who are’t ready to leave the safety of home.

This oak framed picture used to be of  Santa!   Thanks to the Magic of Paint and Iron Orchid Designs,  I have given this picture a new lease on life!  I have 6 more similar oak frames, if anyone wants to do a class.  Let me know if you want to do this class.  Maybe on a weeknight?  Maybe bring wine??  ($55)

Well, chick-a-dee’s, that’s all for now.  I’m off for my monthly Mexican Train game, with the girls.  I won’t be the winner, but the friendship and wine will be divine!


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