Projects at the Shop!

Hello, buttercup!

I thought we could take a rambling tour of my latest projects, at the shop.  Are you with me?  Well, let’s go!

I found this window box on Facebook Marketplace last weekend.  I had noticed it before, but now the price was a bit lower and it was just a couple miles away.  So I brought it home.  Dirt, spider webs and more dirt!

I decided to paint it in our “go-to” color, Ash.  I wanted the piece to be useable throughout the year.  Ash is my perfect neutral.  I painted the back side of the window in Goddess Ashwaganda (who was she, anyway?), so the transfers would stand out.

The words are from the I.O.D. transfer Label Epherma.   The bits of greenery are from Fromds Botanical.  The birds and butterflies are from the Entomology, Etc. transfer.

I got the floral arranging bug from my mom.  I truly enjoy it.  No matter if I’m working with silk or the real deal!

I got my first chance, finally!, to apply a transfer to drawer fronts. I’m sure there’s an exception to every rule, but in this case, using the Wallflower transfer, I lined the drawers up and started arranging this gorgeous transfer!  Wallflower was created to fit any sized project.  It’s easy to cut up and expand.  My space wasn’t large enough to include the center bouquet of the transfer, so back in the tube it went!

Many of the transfers covered two drawers.  No problem!  I just burnished the transfers onto the drawer fronts and then used a straight edge razor to cut between the two drawers.  Super easy!  If the gap,between drawers had been much bigger, I would have probably covered everything with the transfer. Make sense? Maybe?

For extra protection, I rolled on a coat of Fusion’s Tough Coat. Voila! She’s off to a new home this week!

Last week, we made a special batch of soy candles using some cool woodsy containers. I think they’ll make nice Father’s Day gifts!  I restocked our Fouta’s, or Turkish Towels, too!  

Fun-fountain facts:

You can store 5 foutas, for every one terry cloth towel.

Fouta’s are fast drying, too, taking only about 8 minutes to dry in the dryer.

The white string fringe you see at each end of a Fouta,  are hand twisted and tied, by the hundred women that live near the workshop, in Tunisia.

We have three sizes, 40×80″ (traditional size), child sized and napkin or tea towel sized. The child sized foutas work well as hair wraps and neck scarves. Not at the same time! (Funny, eh?!)

Stay tuned for more take-home kits.

Remember,  we’re open just Wednesday through Saturday, noon til 4 p.m., through May.  We’ll continue to ship Fusion Mineral Paint and Iron Or-chid Designs 5 days a week.  

If I don’t happen to see you before, enjoy your Memorial Day celebrations!


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