How To Paint Ceramic Using Fusion Mineral Paint

Find out how to paint ceramic using Fusion Mineral Paint! This is a full video tutorial with step-by-step instructions on the entire process.

Did you know that Fusion Mineral Paint can be your go-to solution for any home decor painting project?  In fact, in the video below, Barbara shows you how to transform a ceramic lamp with paint – yes paint!

Fusion Mineral Paint products needed to paint ceramic:

TSP by Fusion Mineral Paint 

Fusion Mineral Paint in Bedford

Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk 

Beeswax by Fusion Mineral Paint

Watch Barbara use Fusion Mineral Paint to transform a ceramic lamp below ~

Here are a few PRO TIPS from the tutorial:

Paint will not stick to dirt.  Always use Fusion Mineral Paint’s TSP to clean your project surface.

Tape off any areas that you do not want to get covered in paint.  In this tutorial, Barbara made sure the base of the lamp’s cord was covered as to not get any paint on it as she completed the project.

To minimize brush strokes – don’t overwork your paint!

Have a spray bottle on hand so that you can dampen your brush bristles before dipping into the paint.

Elevate your piece with a few pieces of scrap wood in order to keep your surfaces clean.  This also helps you easily paint the bottom edges of your piece.

Pouncing your brush will help you cover all the nooks and crannies that are on your piece.

All furniture paint take about 30 days to fully cure, so it’s best to give your piece some time before you begin any heavy traffic use.

That’s it for this week!!  Be sure to keep your eye on our Facebook page for more tutorials that will help you transform your house into a home using Fusion Mineral Paint!


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