Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Friend,

I know that this has been a very troubling year, for so many of us, for a multitude of reasons.  I have a new practice that I’m working to instill into my daily life, hoping it becomes a habit. It’s something I’m thankful for.

It’s so easy to listen to the negativity.  There’s plenty to be heard.  But does it really serve me?  Us?

I’m not suggesting to deny reality.  I just find it easier to be kind to myself and those I encounter each day, when I look for the positive.

I avoid the news, when possible and try to focus on the beauty in the world.  It’s easy to do, as I take the dog on his morning walk.  Especially at this time of the year, when the colors are changing, the temps are mild and the sun’s shining on me.

Carmichael isn’t perfect, but it’s filled with nature.  We often see deer, turkeys and of course squirrels, that drive Micha mad, while we walk.  I listen for the birds and the tree leaves making noise in the breeze.

I’m also very thankful for you, my customers and friends.  The shop is my second home.  It’s my dream come true and I want it to be welcoming…a place where there’s laughter, tranquility and inspiration.  It’s such a compliment to all of us, when you walk through the door.  We’re kind of off the beaten path and we are so thankful you love the shop almost as much as we do!

This Thanksgiving and holiday season, I encourage you to take deep breaths, keep things in the proper perspective and nurture yourself first.  Sort of like the flight attendant that says to secure your oxygen, before helping others, the same thing applies to daily life.  If your don’t take care of yourself, you won’t have the strength to help others.

Well give me a hand now, as I step off my soap box!  See, I’m old enough to give free, unedited advice.  Just ask!  I’m sure I have more available, on request!

Until we meet again, love and virtual hugs.  All the best to you and yours.

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  1. Diana Hawkins says

    A wonderful Thanksgiving post……. thank you for brightening our morning. A very happy Thanksgiving holiday to you and yours.

  2. Evelyn Bartley says

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your’s 🦃
    Thank you for your positive thoughts and inspiration! Greatly appreciated!
    Thanks Evelyn

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