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I am so excited to be heading to Tennessee, during the first week of February, to take another 2 day class, hosted by Amy Howard herself! Twenty-four of us will be learning about all of the new products, Amy blogged about last week, (below). See what’s coming to The Treasured Home, in 2015!
Happy painting!,

It’s a New Year and I am thrilled to share a few of our new introductions for 2015! This coming year, we have a new space, new workshops and even new finishes coming out for the Amy Howard at Home line of products.

New Studio
While our move was exhausting, it has been a lot of fun creating inspiring spaces to let our students see all the ways to use the products to Craft a Beautiful Life™.
Our walls are vignettes and covered with all types of amazing finishes.
It’s going to be exciting to introduce our new line of furniture stencils and stencil embossing cremes at Market in Atlanta in just a few days.
Here is an example of Toscana with a stencil and antiquing glaze.
Another great example of Toscana and antiquing
It’s Greek to me is just one grouping of classical furniture stencils that we will have. If you can’t draw, no worries here! Stencils are a great way to add art to your furniture! Also, add our embossing cremes and you have magical raised 2 dimensional surfaces! They mix with the One Step Paint® too!!!! It’s so exciting!!
Look for all our new products at our boutique retailers and sign up for one of their hands-on workshops.
Rescue, Restore, Redecorate™

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  1. I hear that her paint is amazing …I have yet to try it,,but plan to this year!…Have a great time at the workshop!!

  2. Are stencils used for the mirror embossing patterns – Amazing!
    Classical furniture stencils! Oh my gosh I’m coming in to look.

  3. Is there a link to see the stencils? I don’t see them on the AH site.

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