Antique Shops and Designer Magazine Is A Must Read! August 11, 2011

Jane at Empress of the Eye who is a scavenger of major acclaim, on the Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach, Florida, had a wonderful expose’ this week, on “Antique Shops & Designers”.  Available in print or on line, you’ll find that the pictures are glorious!  Many think “old, dark, stodgy” when it comes to decorating with antiques. Think again!  


Great pals of mine in Houston, Dot Dimero and Dana Aichler along with Alexander Molinello, always dreamed of putting out a shelter magazine of their own. And they did!

Photographer James Farmer, Dana, Dot and Alexander 
at magazine launch party 2007/JKSchott

It was a slow start and took lots of sweat and tears, but if you have not seen it on the magazine racks (or online) you must make it a regular read. Visually it is a work of art!

Antique Shops & Designers

I think you will find it to be one of the better design books available today.

Issue Number 6 is now fresh off the presses  and not only is it filled with fabulous articles,  but the visuals just keep getting better. Houston is a town filled with folks who love to shop,  furnish and live with great interiors.

For many years I thought Houston interiors consisted  as a “one trick pony”, all linens, grays and French goods.  But it seems to have grown up and what inspiration they are bringing to the table these days!  Here are some enticements from this issue…

Is this not the most fabulous media room ever? Mia James is a well traveled interior designer who is  not only selective of her clients but has a very fine tuned design direction.

Mia works a fantastic mix of contemporary, industrial and brilliant artwork that brings life to all of her projects.

Carol Piper Rugs has expanded in the past few years and her new space is the best place in town to shop for a rug or wall hanging.Wonderful isn’t it? I could live in this space.

I have been a huge fan of Aaron Rambo for years and with his influence on his shop, FOUND, (along with his partner, Ruth Davis,) have one of the top shops on the tour. I think Aaron is a true genius at display, placement and making his design direction fresh and totally inspiring. I have watched him over the years get better and better. He can do more with a piece of salvage than anyone I have ever come across.

Photo credit: Found

I have always felt that Aaron’s home is the petri dish of his design endeavors. Wouldn’t you agree that his loft in Houston is perfection?

Another favorite of mine is also in the latest issue. Tara Shaw is a transplant from New Orleans andshe has certainly made an impact on the designers in Houston.  Her goods have earned her a well deserved reputation and folks in the know live for her latest finds.

When I lived in Houston I spent hours wandering through Craftex. Don’t let the name fool you! It might be a bit difficult to find the first visit, but so worth it so get it on your GPS.

I adore Henry Langdale, who shops all over the world for his inventory and you can’t beat his selection of literary tomes. His garden area is filled with hand picked statuary, every silk flower imaginable and his knowledge of plants and history make you smarter just by asking him what he is up to.

Craftex and Henry’s genius make his huge warehouse a place not to be missed if you are shopping in Houston.  I always found it mobbed on Sundays when those in the know would sneak out and leave the family at home watching a football game.

Art is featured in every issue and some is from the local talent pool but also new found talent from all over the world.I loved seeing the work of Sally Chandler in this issue. Really beautiful images and new to me…I must learn more about her.

Travel is always an inspiration and each issue includes a tour of a special place where AS and D have friends who will give you a tour you don’t find in guide books.

Cuisine Ouisie’s Table in Houston raises the bar for great diningexperiences and with recipes from Eloise Adams Jones and beautiful photos of her culinary creations you will find her articles are pure joy.

Dot and Dana are known in Houston for their chic antique shop, 2620 and have a long list of happy clients they have done projects for. They are gracious, talented, kind and very smart!

Dana, who is also a textile whore like myself, makes an amazing line of pillows that I am so jealous of.  I think we first met at Round Top looking through fabrics at Clutter! We bonded immediately.

Houston is so rich with creative people and many are known around the globe. Joni Webb of Cote de Texas fame is a contributor and everyone in the design world reads her blog! Leslie Sinclair owns Segreto Finishes and has a book coming out this fall of her work. 

Segreto: The Secret to Beautiful Finishes. It is difficult to find good shelter magazines these days.  Like myself many people still hold on to the luxury of sitting down with a pile of them, but they are on the wane. AS and D is filled with terrific editorials and fresh designs and just browsing the advertising in itself is inspiring.

It’s not only a beautiful publication but it is filled with sources, ideas and a firm push to put Houston on your shopping list.

I am so proud of what this group of talented people  have given to Houston and now with worldwide distribution, everyone can enjoy their visions. I consider them the First Family of Design. Bravo to all! xxx

 (All photos courtesy of Antique Shops and Designers)

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  1. Stacy@RedDoorHome on August 14, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    I just saw a copy of this beautiful magazine at Barnes and Noble the other day. How wonderful for you to have a conneciton with with the creators of this publication!

  2. Maria Killam on August 14, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    Barbara thanks for your comment today, it made me laugh and totally made my day! I love this post, I wish I could look as polished as that woman with the dog! And I need those lamps for the buffet in my dining room!

  3. for the love of a house on August 15, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    Being an advertising major I always love to look at ads, especially design ads- always such great photography! So thank you for all the eye candy!!


  4. Heather {the lovely cupboard} on August 27, 2011 at 5:33 am

    These are beautiful images and new resources for me. I’ll be checking them out!

    • Barbara Bussey on August 27, 2011 at 6:58 am

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, it’s a beautiful publication!

  5. susan griffin on July 25, 2012 at 12:01 pm

    I live in clearwater fl and we do not have antique shops and designer magazine here. I tried barnes and noble. Any way you think I could connect with them to get a subscription?

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