Wishing you Easter blessings! April 8, 2023

Hello, buttercup! Happy Easter!

I was just going down Memory Lane, remembering childhood Easters. I wish I had a couple of pictures to share, of us five kids, dressed for church, with our baskets!  My mother was an avid seamstress, back in the 60’s and she usually managed to whip up new Easter dresses for church, that special day. That was back when we wore hats, too!  Anyway, I have to hand it to my mother, sewing clothes and managing a household with five kids!  Thanks, mom!


Tomorrow morning, Darlene, Linda, Tink, Carol, Jeanne and I, will  be taking off for two weeks in France!  I wish all of my shop sisters could join us, but Cheryl, Patti and Cheri will be “holding down the fort”, at the shop.

We’ll arrive in Paris and have a driver taking us to Tours, France, in the Loire Valley.  We’ll be going back in time, in this gorgeous region and we can’t wait!

The second half of the adventure will be in Paris.  Yes, we know about the protests and are going to test the waters, once there.  We don’t scare easily and hope the unrest is far from where we are.  Just in case, I’m bringing a gun! Just kidding!  We have a contingency plan, just in case, but I’m saying my prayers that everything goes smoothly!.  I’ll be posting photos on Facebook and Instagram, so be on the look-out!

Fragrance Sale, this week!

If you’ve been in the shop, you know we love beautiful clean scents.  This coming week, every scented item in the shop, will be 20% off, including our house-made candles and diffusers.

 We love our Soap Rocks, too!  The company was started by a gemologist and they’re beautiful, softly scented and last a long time.  ???? Great gifts!

Paint & Sip Workshop!

Thursday night’s class was lots of fun and look what a great job everyone did!

This summer, I think we’ll be painting this wonderful truck!  You know, Susanne pre-sketches each canvas, making the process a lot easier and fun!

Speaking of workshops, we have added new classes online, Here!

Dori’s Cozy Blanket Workshop is back, by popular demand, in June!

A neat little trick…

I found a wonderful old mirror, with two corners missing moulding.  So, I cleaned the area, applied wood glue and fit a piece of our paper clay into the spot. I used a knife to size it a pushed it into shape with my fingers.  To match the other corners, I used the handle of a paint brush, to make indentations and let it dry overnight.

I painted the paper clay with Fusion Mineral Paint’s Chocolate, followed by their Gold Metallic Paint. Voila!

French Country Home is back!

It’s a dreamy magazine, if you haven’t read it.  No advertisements and gorgeous paper, photography…delicious!

Well kids, that’s all for now!  I’m not taking my computer with me, so I’ll be back here in a couple of weeks.  Check out our antics on Facebook and Instagram and say a prayer that we get home in one piece!  

Thank you, dear Jesus, for all you’ve done for us!

XO, Barbara


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  1. Stephanie Walls on April 9, 2023 at 1:01 pm

    You certainly brought back some Easter memories when I was a kid – loved the story. Remember those days perfectly. Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter.

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New arrivals, classes, and creative inspiration
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