Can you believe The Treasured Home is almost 9 years old?!

By Barbara Bussey | July 29, 2021 |
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Weekend Workshop Fun, with Lynne Brundage!

By Barbara Bussey | July 27, 2021 |

Hello there! You may have heard that we had our first two-day workshop, last weekend. Months ago, I invited Lynne Brundage, from Ellen J. Goods, to teach a weekend workshop, at The Treasured Home.  I met Lynne at the Iron Orchid Designs training workshop, in Folsom and have seen her creativity online.  She said “yes” to the workshop and the planning began! We tackled three projects with joy and it wouldn’t have happened without our amazing team of women!  Tregae, Darlene (not pictured), Michelle and Susan were on hand to help and made everything go smoothly. All fifteen women finished three projects…

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Lots going on this week!

By Barbara Bussey | July 21, 2021 |

Whew! I have lots to report on.  I sort of feel like Lois Lane! First of all, we enjoyed our annual shop retreat.  The time went way too fast!  We were sadly missing shop sisters, Susan and Linda.  Last minute things come up, when you’re trying to find a good time for 7 women to get together! One of the highlights was dinner at Soule Domaine, in Crystal Bay, on the north shore. It’s always a great experience, without being fussy!  I hope you can try it some day.  They have two seatings, at 5 and 7:30.  You can learn…

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We’re having a Paint Party…plus more!

By Barbara Bussey | July 14, 2021 |

Hello Sunshine!, I’ll bet you’re as grateful as I am, that the triple digit temps are behind us…at least for a bit! I cut these hydrangeas yesterday and just love the color! If you have the outdoor space, with partial shade, I highly recommend this plant for your garden.  Low maintenance and if pruned properly, they bloom like crazy! One business I’m glad I’m not in, is cameras!  I’ve owned a couple of good cameras, but gave them up when the iPhone offered such wonderful photographs!  This is an old tree stump I see on my dog walks, with Micah,…

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Bonjour! Are you ready to think about a French tour?

By Barbara Bussey | July 12, 2021 |

Hello Friends!, I was just talking to Jill, my delightful friend and French speaking American tour guide.  I asked her about putting together a tour to France, spring of 2022. Specifically, May 11th.  She brought up the post-COVID changes and I wanted to do a short survey, before making plans.  Your input is invaluable!  Are you comfortable making plans to travel abroad at this time? I was considering a week in Paris, for a variety of reasons:  a) easy to fly in and out of without needing to take a train to another region, b) There’s so much to see.…

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Great news about Fusion Mineral Paint!

By Barbara Bussey | July 7, 2021 |

Hello again!, The Treasured Home became a retailer for Fusion Mineral Paint nearly 3 years ago.  I had had so much trouble with the three, (yes three!) chalk based paint lines I had done business with, that I was worried it would be just more of the same.  Thankfully, nothing could be farther from the truth! Fusion will be introducing it’s largest group of new colors, since starting business.  Eleven beautiful new colors will soon be available.  In fact, the official release date is next Saturday, July 17th!    I know it’s hard to tell by looking at these pictures,…

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How to get a super smooth table top finish…and more!

By Barbara Bussey | July 1, 2021 |

Hello again!, Before I share my brilliant painting tip, I wanted to remind you that we’ll be closed, this Sunday, the 4th of July.  In the mean time, we’re sporting our red, white and blue! Now, on to achieving a super smooth surface, when painting… I was thrilled, when thrifting recently and scoring this gorgeous coffee table! As you see, some sanding was needed.  Nothing major. 🙂 But check out those legs! Remember, before you start sanding, be sure to clean your piece with Fusion’s TSP Alternative.  If you sand first, you’ll be pushing the dirt and oils into the…

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The week at a glance!

By Barbara Bussey | July 1, 2021 |

Hello darling! I hope you haven’t turned into “jerky” during this terrible heat wave!  We took Micah for his evening stroll and it was beautifully cool!  Just perfect! Everyone had fun at last Saturday’s vintage window class.  You all just love this class and I need to find more windows.  It’s as simple as that! Sunday morning, Mr. Wonderful made me his world famous waffles.  Just yummy! I then, ventured out onto the lake for my first kayak ride since November.  I knew it would be wonderful and wasn’t disappointed! Bob loves to take kids out on the boat and…

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