Milk Paint Monday

Many people ask, “What’s the difference between milk paint and chalk-based paint? They really are two very different paints. While neither paint requires priming, stripping or sanding, chalk-based paint is a liquid product that just requires a clean, smooth surface and a good mixing, prior to use. Chalk-based paint has a built-in primer. It will […]

Great Homes for $985,000

Hello there, Sisters! I was just checking out The New York Times, on line and saw a headline, “Homes for $985,000”. While I’ve never linked to the Times, on my blog before, this is a tour worth taking, if you have the few minutes it will take! Being a Californian, where it’s hard to find […]

10 Things I Love About This Room

Before becoming the blog fairy, I would jump at new magazines arriving in the mail; “Traditional Home, Better Homes & Gardens” and many more. Now, thanks to my fellow blog friends and Pinterest, I get more visual stimulation than I could ever hope for! Stacy at Conspicuous Style, recently posted this master bedroom picture and […]

10 Things I Love About This Room

1. First of all, I love how balanced the room is, starting with the fireplace, flanked on both sides with beautiful “twin” bookcases. Even the miniature pictures on the shelves are similarly placed on the shelves on both sides.2. Feng Shui Experts place mirrors in a room, to reflect both positive and negative energy. I […]

Time for a Make-over?

Happy Friday! Already the first of July and our first “heat wave” of summer is upon us! When I’m not blogging, or out finding a new (old) lamp (like the one I found today and will share with you soon), my favorite thing to do is help people decorate their homes. In the past couple […]

San Francisco Decorator Showcase

Every year, I look forward to a wonderful day with my women friends, as we visit the San Francisco Decorator Showcase . I am always inspired and amazed by what the creative design geniuses come up with each year. The homes are usually located in prime San Francisco areas, boasting a gorgeous view. The homes, […]

A Powder Room Fit for Company

Holidays are synonymous with entertaining. And if you’re having friends over, don’t neglect the bathrooms, when creating your to-do list. A guest bath can be fun and elegant. Since they’re typically small, you can perk them up for next to nothing. Put yourself in your guest’s position. First on my list is that the space […]

Exquisitie lighting

Last night, we enjoyed a nice dinner at a lovely restaurant, Townhall, built of brick, after the 1906 earthquake, in San Francisco. It was originally a marine repair facility, and the bricks used to build it were charred from a fire during the quake…probably previously used in a demolished building. A local artist was exhibited […]

The Harmonious Home

There’s more to a beautiful home than pretty things. Most of us know this simple fact, but many tend to overlook or ignore the need for harmony in our lives and the place we call home. First and foremost should be comfort. For me, that means clean, clutter-free order; colors that are in harmony; furnishings […]