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We proudly feature the full line of Fusion Mineral Paint and the tools you'll need for successful project results. If you aren't able to attend our hands-on workshops, we offer a free e-book, with step-by-step instructions for new painters. We usually ship orders the same business day and offer $9.95 flat rate shipping! As the folks at Fusion Mineral Paint say:

Spring Special!

Whether you're a painting novice or a dedicated "Fushionista", Zibra Brushes are the perfect companion! One of my favorite brushes in their lineup is the fan-shaped brush.

Better yet, it's FREE while supplies last, when you place an online order of $39.00 or more!

It's super-fine bristles help you avoid brush strokes. It's comfortable in the hand and the perfect choice for just about every project. After using, clean thoroughly with soap and warm water and you'll be great friends for a long time!

P.S. During cold, damp weather be sure to give paint extra time to dry.

Happy Painting,