Painting metal with Fusion Mineral Paint!

Painting metal with Fusion Mineral Paint is super easy! Use this tutorial to update all of your outdated metal home decor.

Did you know that Fusion Mineral Paint isn’t just for furniture?  It also works great when updating outdated decor or bargain finds from the thrift store.  Today, we are going to show you how painting metal with Fusion Mineral Paint can totally change the look of whatever project you are working on!


Painting Metal with Fusion Mineral Paint is super simple! Learn this furniture painting technique with our video tutorial. #thetreasuredhome #fusionmineralpaint #paintingmetal #howtopaintmetal #paintingtechnique

The Fusion Mineral Paint supplies you’ll need for your project include:

TSP by Fusion Mineral Paint

Ash Fusion Mineral Paint

Staalmeester Paint Brush

Liming Wax by Fusion Mineral Paint

Get all of our best tips & tricks for painting metal in the video tutorial below!

When painting metal with Fusion Mineral Paint, be sure to remember:

Always clean your project piece before you begin painting.

If there is any texture you would like to remove before painting, you can lightly sand the surface to remove it.  Be sure to remove any sanding dust once you are finished.

Elevate your piece before painting so you can get around the edges with your paint.

When painting a lamp, tape around the cord and the neck to ensure a clean paint job.

Don’t overload your brush with paint & don’t over work the paint.  This will help eliminate brush strokes.

When applying colored wax, use a smaller brush so that you have better control over placement.

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