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Be My Valentine

Sid Dickens is a popular artist, who creates a variety of 5" x 7" wooden art panels, for a pretty penny. This is one rendition of Sid's work, using I.O.D.…


Living Heart Wreath

Dori's back! Create this sweet heart-shaped grapevine wreath choosing from a variety of live succulents and fresh moss. Your handmade masterpiece makes for a wonderful, unique and long lasting gift…

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French Flower Tin

The Treasured Home 9906 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks, CA

Take this 15" tall flower tin and embellish with paint and a beautiful I.O.D. decor transfer. It makes a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend!

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We Are Family

You'll create this art project on a 10" x 14" wooden panel using I.O.D. Stamps and Fusion Mineral Paint. Happily, this class will be taught by it's creator, the talented…

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