Updating an Old Chair

By Barbara Bussey | June 1, 2011 |

I purchased this chair 5 or 6 years ago, with intentions to stain and reupholstering it soon. Now, I’m finally getting to the project. Now, I was using an old block sander, when my husband gave me a piece of sponge backed with sandpaper. What a difference it makes when you’re using the right tools! Once sanded, I was able to put on 3 coats of stain, taking the chair from oak to dark walnut. Now, I’m think about this fabric, but wonder if I should go with something less traditional. The colors will go well with our family room…

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Lovely Pillows!

By Barbara Bussey | May 25, 2011 |

Want a new look, without breaking the bank this summer? Decorative throw pillows are one of the world’s greatest accessories, that can add new life to a sitting area or bedroom. Dwell Studio has a great selection of pillows to check out at a very reasonable price point, in the $50’s and $60’s. The color combinations just say summer to me! I can see them in our kitchen window seat. Hmmm… If you’d like to open the door each day, to a home you love, call me! 916/203-3060

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Clever Way to Join Rooms

By Barbara Bussey | May 24, 2011 |

While at the Designer Showcase last week, I got all sorts of clever ideas, including this wonderful way to open two rooms to one another. At first glance, you think you’re looking at a framed mirror. But then, you realize it’s an actual opening in the wall and the frame is painted to match the room’s decor. Wouldn’t this be perfect for a nursery? Or even a reception window at a doctor’s office! But please, no frosted glass!

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Spectacular Design Showhouse

By Barbara Bussey | May 19, 2011 |

Oh my! This year’s SF Design Showhouse is jaw-dropping spectacular!! As if the Pacific Heights neighborhood isn’t fabulous enough, the house is truly remarkable. The checkerboard marble entry floor appears to be original but the entry walls are as smooth and lacquered as that of a new cocoa colored new car. Walk to your right, past a grand staircase, to a living room with a stunning view of the bay. I was in awe of the work done by the designers. Talent superstars! While the stone “tile” in the “Nanny’s Bath” was one of the simpler spaces, I loved the…

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San Francisco Decorator Showcase

By Barbara Bussey | May 16, 2011 |

Every year, I look forward to a wonderful day with my women friends, as we visit the San Francisco Decorator Showcase . I am always inspired and amazed by what the creative design geniuses come up with each year. The homes are usually located in prime San Francisco areas, boasting a gorgeous view. The homes, even unfurnished, are beautiful by themselves. When you add the sumptuous furnishings, silk draperies, fresh flowers and original art, it’s really quite an “eye full”! Open through May 30th, at 2950 Vallejo Street, the show house benefits the San Francisco University High School and tickets…

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Changing Bedding With the Seasons

By Barbara Bussey | May 8, 2011 |

I’m one of those people who changes bedding with the seasons. Sure, you don’t need heavy bedding in July, but I change bedding for the sheer joy of it all! Some folks, with money to burn, have custom bedding made, to the tune of thousands. Ka-ching! My formula for a beautiful bed that’s easy to make in the morning, is to start with the “foundation”, a coverlet for the bed in a neutral solid color. Over time, you can collect several of these easy-care bed covers, often in 100% cotton and machine washable. Some beds require a bed skirt, others…

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Delicious Tile Options

By Barbara Bussey | May 6, 2011 |

A client of mine is planning to spruce up her kitchen, by adding a tile backsplash above the granite counters. So, off I went, to Natural Stone Design Gallery, on Power Inn Road, in Sacramento, Natural Stone Design Gallery. With granite countertops, you want to select a very simple backsplash, to compliment the natural movement in the granite. So, my first choice is subway tiles. Here, one tile is cream colored and one is white. I’d opt for the cream. Either way, a timeless look will be created. I’ll let you see, when the project is finished. Whether you are…

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Words to Live Your Life By

By Barbara Bussey | April 28, 2011 |

  This is a wonderful video from a very unique blog, Advanced Style. We’ve all seen the Red Hat Society ladies in their purple and red. I’ve told friends to shoot me, if ever I become a member. But, the ladies interviewed in this Advanced Style video, have a very refreshing view on their own personal fashion. They challenge me to live my authentic life, which I’m closer to achieving, the older I get. Sure, there are times and places where we all have to conform, but in our own home, we should surround ourselves with colors, art, mementos, photos,…

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