Painting metal with Fusion Mineral Paint!

Painting metal with Fusion Mineral Paint is super easy! Use this tutorial to update all of your outdated metal home decor. Did you know that Fusion Mineral Paint isn’t just for furniture?  It also works great when updating outdated decor or bargain finds from the thrift store.  Today, we are going to show you how […]

Updating a Gilded Mirror

Learn how easy updating a gilded mirror can be when using Fusion Mineral Paint! Taking something that is outdated  and creating a whole new piece with paint is so much fun!  That’s exactly what we were able to do when updating a gilded mirror in the shop recently.  The mirror had lots of raised details […]

Customize your home with Iron Orchid Designs Decor Transfers!

Learn how to use Iron Orchid Designs Decor Transfers to customize any item around your home! Iron Orchid Designs Decor Transfers are the perfect way to add extra embellishments to all of your home decor projects and painted furniture pieces.  Today, we are going to show you how we totally transformed the look of a […]

How to use Fusion Mineral Paint as a primer!

Learn how to use  Fusion Mineral Paint as a “transition tone” and color blocker!! Here at The Treasured Home, we use Fusion Mineral Paint, in the color Sterling, (a very light grey) as a color blocker, when trying to lighten up a piece of furniture. Fusion calls it a “transition tone”.  What ever you call […]

How to get a super smooth finish with hemp oil!

Learn how to give your painted furniture pieces a buttery smooth finish by wet sanding with Fusion Mineral Paint’s Hemp Oil. Giving your painted furniture pieces a smooth, durable finish is easy with Hemp Oil from Fusion Mineral Paint.  Hemp Oil is an all-natural, food safe finish that provides a buttery soft feel when applied […]

How To Create a Custom Glaze Color

Learn how to create a custom glaze color using Fusion Mineral Paint products. This painted furniture technique is a must-know for all DIY lovers! Creating a custom glaze color for your painted furniture projects is super easy with Fusion Mineral Paint products.  In today’s tutorial, Barbara explains how to mix your custom glaze and how […]

How To Add An Iron Orchid Designs Transfer To Furniture

This simple video tutorial will show you just how easy it is to add an Iron Orchid Designs Transfer to furniture. Watch & learn now!! Are you wanting a fun and easy way to add beautiful character to your painted furniture pieces?  If so, today’s quick tutorial is for you!  It’s all about how to […]

How To Gold Leaf

Learn how to add gold leaf accents to your projects with this easy to follow video tutorial. This is a simple way to add lots of character to any piece! Using gold leaf to add accents to decor is a classic skill that is easier than you might think!  Today, Barbara is going to show […]

Fabric Stamping Using Iron Orchid Designs

Learn everything you need to know about fabric stamping with Iron Orchid Designs. IOD products are easy to use & help you create DIY home decor items! Iron Orchid Designs makes it super easy to create beautiful DIY home decor – that’s why we love it so much here at The Treasured Home. Today, Barbara […]

How To Refinish a Tabletop

Learn how to refinish a tabletop using Fusion Mineral Paint and this simple tutorial! Make all of your worn out tabletops look like new! Today, we are going to show you how easy it is to completely transform an old tabletop using Fusion Mineral Paint products.  Compared to other methods, this tutorial on how to […]

Big Summer Sale & Free Demo Day!!

Join us for our BIG Summer Sale & FREE Demo Day at The Treasured Home! Save at least 20% on everything in store & learn about our favorite home decor DIY products! All hands on deck!  We’re getting ready for this weekend’s Big Summer Sale! At least 20% OFF ALL INVENTORY! We have wonderful new product on […]