Dec/2 2013

Jesuit High School’s Christmas Tree Lane

I’ve been rock in’ round the clock lately, getting ready for Christmas Tree Lane at the Red Lion’s Woodlake Inn, tonight and tomorrow, from 8 am until 3!

While this is a major fundraiser for the school, you don’t have to have a ticket to check out the Christmas market.


I still have some tweeting to do, before the event opens, but I think it’s a fair representation of the shop.

Now, if you are a furniture painter, or want to be one, our shelves will finally be full on Friday, since a big shipment is due to arrive on Thursday. Yay !

If you didn’t find the gift you were looking for, during the last few days of shopping mania, remember, we have a great gift box, including a 3-hour starter class, for 20% off!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

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Your Thoughts?

  1. 12/5 2013

    Your table display looks wonderful, I’ll try to make it by there and say “Hello”


    Barbara Bussey Reply:

    Hi there!, the Jesuit fund raiser was just Monday and Tuesday, so don’t go today! It’s a crazy busy time of year! Stay warm and have a great one! :)


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