May/4 2013

Easy-peazy Chair Trim (Welting for Whimps!)

I found these six dining room chairs, that Mr. Wonderful could power spray for me. It all sounded easy enough. Sound familiar?

If you’ve never had the pleasure of removing old foam from a chair, it’s something everyone should try, at least once.

I never knew old foam could disintegrate into powder, once the fabric covering was removed. It was probably fifty year-old foam, with some poisonous chemicals in it that have since been banned!

Standing over the dumpster, with a disintegrating chair pad, reminded me I was “living the dream”!

Seems like I said the same thing, as we were removing the twelve million staples that someone had used, just for good measure!

Oh, okay. I just remembered the point of this post! Thank goodness!

I got this brilliant idea to add decorative trim. (Some of you may be able to make your own chair piping/welting in your sleep. Not me!)

Now, the pad hasn’t been screwed into place yet, but doesn’t this look sharp? It took ten yards of trim to trim six chairs, along with about seventeen glue sticks but it really dressed the chairs up!

The best news is that one of my dear customers, bought the chairs today. All free of disintegrating foam! Bless her!

Living the dream!

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Your Thoughts?

  1. 05/5 2013

    Barbara…never realized that the old foam contained such harmful chemicals..makes perfect sense…I love the way you trimmed those chairs…my kind of project!!..they look great and it is no wonder that they sold quickly!!


    Barbara Bussey Reply:

    Oh no, Shirley! Have no fear! I was just thinking to myself, at the time, when the foam was crumbling into the dumpster, what was in it and what I was breathing. I was just being silly. I’m just glad it’s gone. Thanks so much for stopping by. Any word on your “dream job”?


  2. Donnamae
    05/5 2013

    There is nothing better than “living the dream”!! Cheers to you my friend! Enjoy your day! ;)


    Barbara Bussey Reply:

    Ain’t that the truth! The high temps have broken and it’s only supposed to be in the high 70′s today. We’re going to take the boat out on the river this afternoon, for some R & R! Has it started to warm up there?


  3. 05/5 2013

    The chairs look perfect Barbara. The welting is something I have not tried and yes you make it look very easy!

    Art by Karena


  4. Cynthia
    05/5 2013

    That was a beautiful project and you made it look easy! And the best part…they sold right away…makes it all worthwhile! Hope you had a relaxing day on the water.


  5. 05/6 2013

    The chairs look beautiful, Barbara! I love to use welting on my upholstery projects. It makes the job so much easier!
    ~ Wendi


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