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  • 8 Things You Might Not Know About Barbara Dettweiler from Haus Design

    Greetings, dear friends!
    Once again, we look into the lives of the blog stars, near and far. This week, we’re taking a peek into the busy life of Barbara from Haus Design, who’s busy settling her young family back in the states, after living abroad for some time. Welcome home, Barbara! I’m glad you’re here today!

    Hi Everyone! I’m so glad to be part of Barbara’s series…I just hope I can come up with some interesting things about me to entertain you! Here goes…

    1. I thought I’d start out with the thing that you may not know, but would probably suspect, about me. I have an absolute addiction to pillows. I think I am not alone here. I knew I could admit something like that here, but amongst my “non-designer” friends I am truly crazy. I could just keep buying and buying but I know I have to stop. I have some silk ikat fabric and chinese fabrics waiting to be made into pillows to add to my collection. As it is, I am going to have to rotate the pillows just to use all of them, but that makes me happy. When searching for a picture for this post I came across this in my files. I had forgotten about these…aren’t they lovely? Oh, now I want these too!

    Erin Gates

    2. I have traveled over to forty countries so far and I hope to see much, much more of the world. Every time I think I am getting close to the end of my list I discover somewhere new that I can’t wait to see and experience! They all have been wonderful in their own way (well maybe except one place, but I’m not telling where!). People often ask me my favorite destination, which I just can’t pin down, but I will say that I think my favorite city has been Lisbon, Portugal. Amazing architecture, authentic culture, charming streets, great shopping and beautiful vistas from its seven hilltops put Lisbon at the top of my list!

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    3. I recently moved to Seattle after moving around several different places. I am a native Oregonian and was a dedicated Portland fan. However, I am so glad we gave Seattle a chance. It is stunning and we are so excited to officially call it home when we move in to our new home at the end of the month!

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    4. After almost five years living in Munich, I am proud to say I speak German which was always a personal goal of mine. (We Americans fall short on the second language front!) While I have definitely NOT mastered the language, I do have many German friends that I only speak German with. However, apparently my German is a bit unique, because my (native German) husband has trouble understanding me! I know what you’re thinking – luckily he is fluent in English, so it’s all good. :)

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    5. I once worked on ski patrol for a winter in Sun Valley and met Bruce Willis, as well as many other celebrities. Celebrities aren’t really my thing, but for what it’s worth he was very polite. :)

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    6. I LOVE to cook. My favorite go to meals are Italian but after our recent trip to Hong Kong and Bali, I am re-inspired to experiment with Asian cooking. (Doesn’t this look yummy?)

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    7. This has been a big year of change for us already, but I am so excited to finally launch my online store, Linen Haus, as soon as we get moved in! Europe already feels so far away, so I am so excited I stocked up on my inventory when I did. I look forward to our trips back there to scout out new finds…there is nothing quite like those markets!

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    Barbara, thanks so much for having me!

    Thanks for being here today, Barbara! Be sure to tune in next Tuesday for “8 Things you Might Not Know About Tina, from The Enchanted Home!

    Until next time!,

  • Sharing Crafts With a Friend

    Good day!

    Friday afternoon, I met with the Paper Craft Fairy, aka my dear friend, Debbie, to try out pinwheel making, following the excellent tutorial found at The Lovely Cupboard.

    According to me, everyone should have a craft buddy. It could be anything artsie, whether it’s paper, oils, fabric or beads. It’s all good!

    Any challenging day can be made to go away, getting in touch with our creative selves. It’s sort of like a Calgon bath experience, if you’re old enough to remember those commercials!

    We’re talking about folding and gluing paper!


    To make the cutest darn things I’d seen all day! We were smiling ear-to-ear! All over some silly pinwheels!

    This could be the “next big thing”, by golly! I may open a pinwheel store!

    While I hope I have you smiling, check out this poor pooch, who’s a bit scared of visiting the doctor…


    Here’s hoping you find lots of reasons to smile today!,

  • Annie Sloan & My Nightstand

    Happy Saturday!,
    If your looking for a fast furniture fix, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is about as fast as you can get! No, this is not a paid advertisement, but checks are always accepted, Annie.

    I’ve had this old nightstand next to my side of the bed for nearly 25 years. The top surface was getting so dinged up that I covered it with a tray. ( Full disclosure, here!).



    Mr. Wonderful removed the bottom trim, to add new ball feet, adding about an inch in height. He primed the raw wood for me and screwed the feet into the board for easy painting.

    Using a sponge mini roller on all the flat surfaces, I was able to apply 2 coats (with light sanding in between) in very little time.

    20120316-223410.jpg I gave the hardware a quick polish and Mr. Wonderful screwed the new feet on, lugged it back upstairs and I’m I’m business!


    I also used a “gold leaf” craft pen to add a bit of detail, matching the brass hardware.

    Ooh la la! That’s French for a “fast, fun project”!

    Have a great weekend!,